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At Mountain Buggy, we're all about hiring the best and backing them to succeed. It's an enriching, fast-paced and multi-faceted work environment, under the phil&teds Most Excellent Buggy Company umbrella. Our collection of brands, including Mountain Buggy, phil&teds and Mokopuna Merino, are all about enabling parents to escape the nursery prison and live a life without limit, with kids in tow!

We're not your typical working environment - you'll be dropping your kids off at the creche in the morning, shooting down our custom-built slide to make that meeting in the afternoon, picking up a coffee from our barista on the way - all on-site! Take a look at what's currently available and get in touch if this job sounds right. We'd love to meet you!

Key Account Manager  
Wellington, NZ
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Account Manager  
Windsor, UK
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