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carrycotsconvert your stroller into a bassinet-style pram


The carrycot provides a snug and interchangeable option for transporting your newborn baby, converting your stroller into a bassinet style pram. With the simple click-and-go attachment system, our custom fit baby carrycots are ideal to take anywhere. Just click in and relax on the go. Certified to carrycot standards.

NOTE:  Each of our carrycots have been custom designed to fit their specific Mountain Buggy model. Though some carrycots do carry the same dimensions, it is essential you purchase specifically for your stroller.

If you have a pre 2010 Mountain Buggy model: urban jungle/terrain/+one carrycot fits most pre-2010 urban and urban elite strollers. Mountain Buggy mini/swift carrycot will fit onto pre-2010 swift strollers. We recommend checking the fit of a carrycot to your stroller at your nearest Mountain Buggy retailer prior to purchasing, to ensure its is compatible with the pre-2010 frame. The use of a current carrycot on older models is at your discretion as these have not been specifically tested for compatibility with older models.  

firm mattress safety icon

Overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk for SUDI/SIDS - We reduce the risk!

A new standard is being introduced to address the association between mattress firmness and the risk of SUDI/SIDS. We’re proud to say that each carrycot has already passed the test!

Read more about the new standard here*

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