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Webshop orders

Q.  I want my order now! When can I expect it?

A.  Orders will be processed and sent for dispatch the day they are placed, or the following business day for orders placed over the weekend. For delivery time frames, please read our  shipping information .

Q.  Can I backorder an out of stock product?

A.  Our key products can now be backordered for immediate shipping when available, click on the link at the product page to place your backorder. For those products that cannot be backordered, our stock levels are constantly updated so please keep checking in!

Q.  Can my order be delivered to a PO Box?

A.  No, unfortunately  we can only deliver to a physical address. Buggies are big!

Q.  How will my order be sent and can you provide tracking details?

A.  We will arrange for your order to be sent from within the country of delivery where we can, in most cases by courier. If we are shipping your order internationally, contact us to request tracking details if you need them. If you are based in the USA, feel free to call your delivery company directly at 1-800-GO-FEDEX to track your order. Be sure to have your delivery address on hand for the FedEx team. 

Q.  How long will my product be covered under warranty and what would I do if I had a problem with my product? 

A.  Your product will be covered for manufacturing faults for up to one year from date of purchase. If you have any problems with your product, contact the customer care team in your area through the Support section of our website.

Q.  Oops! I ordered the wrong thing! Can I return this to you?

A.  No worries! You can return your order for a refund of the cost of the product, provided it is returned in saleable condition (at the discretion of our warehouse team) in its original packaging. To organise the return, please fill out a webshop return  here . Please note,  any associated freight costs will not be refunded.

Q.  I've changed my mind! Can I cancel my order even after it has been confirmed?

A.  Although we'll do our best to cancel your order for you, because they are automatically processed and sent off to you asap, we can't always catch them in time. Orders in the US and Canada cannot be cancelled or revised once submitted.  If you decide to cancel your order and we haven't been able to catch it in time, all associated freight costs including any failed delivery fees (for a refused order) will be deducted from what is refunded to your account.

Q.  I'm ordering from the 'rest of world' region, will I be charged any additional fees and what other things do I need to consider?

A.  Your order will be shipping from New Zealand and you may be charged duty fees payable to your local customs office on arrival. We have no influence over these fees, they will be your responsibility to cover and we therefore recommend you look into this before placing your order. Your local customs office should be able to answer any queries you may have. Your order will be delivered to the delivery address provided by you (please ensure the contact phone number is that of the recipient of the package) and you will receive tracking details via email from our carrier once your order is on its way.

Q.  What is your company registration number?

A.  The selling entity for the Mountain Buggy webshop is Phil & Teds Most Excellent Buggy Company, New Zealand. The registration number is NZBN: 9429038641503. Our registration number for the European market is Europe BV: 819731614

Q.  Your site seems to be displaying incorrect information?

A.  Though we try to keep our content the same across all media, information may differ for you. We welcome your feedback to correct any issues but hold no legal responsibility for incorrect content display.


About our products

Q.  What car seat adapter works with my buggy?

A.  See our travel system matrix  here .

Q.  Where can I locate a retailer that stocks your products?

A.  You can find our store locator  here .

Q.  Where can I find the serial number of my buggy?

A.  Most of our buggies have this on a sticker underneath the metal plate at the front. The nano and cosmopolitan serial number can be found on a sticker along the frame, just above one of the rear wheels. 

Q.  Can I use the swift carrycot with the duet?

A.  No – although the size is similar these are not compatible. Only the specific carrycot for each model will fit.

Q.  What are the seat dimensions of your buggies? 

A.  See a chart here

Q.  Which carrycot can I use with my pre-2010 Mountain Buggy?

A.  The urban jungle/terrain/+one carrycot fits most pre-2010 urban and urban elite buggies. We recommend checking the fit of a carrycot to your buggy at your nearest Mountain Buggy retailer prior to purchasing, to ensure it is compatible with the pre-2010 stroller frame. The current Swift carrycot will fit all age swift buggies. The use of a current carrycot on older model strollers is at your discretion as these have not been specifically tested for compatibility with older models.

Q.  Can I still get accessories and parts for my pre-2010 Mountain Buggy?

A.  We have selected  accessories  and  parts  available for many of our legacy models, please visit our webshop to see what is available in your market.

Q.  Can I attach an extra seat on my buggy?

A.  No this is not possible, you can however attach the  freerider , which can be attached to all of our current buggies. 


Car seats

Q.  When should I remove the lumbar support cushion and the seat liner from the car capsule?

A.  The shoulder straps should be at the baby’s shoulder level or no more 2.5cm below the shoulder height. When the shoulder straps are moved into the top slots of the capsule, you will need to remove the liner and the lumbar support.

Q.  There is a lot of movement in my car seat?

A.  This can sometimes be caused by the fabric that is used on the cars car seat, such as leather, PU or slippery polyesters. We recommend using a car seat restraint liner or a bath towel underneath the seat. If this does not help, please make contact with a car seat restraint technician/installer who can assist with options to lessen the movement.

Q.  My baby’s head falls forward in the car seat?

A.  If the degree of the car seat restraint is not at the desired 45 degree angle required this may occur due to the shape or sloping back of the actual car’s seat. Space fillers can be used and we would recommend you seek assistance from a car seat restraint technician/installer for the best option for your car and for your child restraint.

Q.  There is a lot of movement in my car seat?

A.  This can sometimes be caused by the fabric that is used on the cars car seat, such as leather, PU or slippery polyesters. We recommend using a car seat restraint liner or a bath towel underneath the seat. If this does not help, please make contact with a car seat restraint technician/installer who can assist with options to lessen the movement.

Q.  At what level should the harness straps be for my baby in the Mountain Buggy capsule?

A.  The harness straps should be even or just below the baby's shoulders. 


Warranty, repairs and spare parts

Q.  What’s the warranty on my product?

A.  All of our product have a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. You can find our policy on warranty here.

Q.  How can I lodge a warranty claim?

A.  This can either be done with the retailer you purchased your product with or alternatively you can lodge it via the support section on our website here .

Q.  There is a rip on the handle bar of my buggy, is this covered under warranty?

A.  The handle foam is not covered under our warranty as this is subject to wear and tear. Replacement handles are available for purchase from our webshop ('parts' section).

Q.  How can I purchase a spare part?

A.  See the available parts on our webshop here .

Q.   I need to get my buggy repaired, is this possible?

A.  We do not have authorised repair agents however we have parts available so that most issues can easily be resolved at home. As buggies operate is a similar way to bikes, many bike shops may be able to assist with repairs as well. Check the parts section on our webshop.


General care and tyre maintenance

Q.  Where can I find instructions for my product?

A.  You can download instructions from here.

Q.  How do I inflate and look after the wheels of my buggy?

A.  We recommend inflating with a manual pump to a max of 20psi. The correct tyre pressure is essential to best maintenance and experience of your buggy. Inflation by a compressor pump is discouraged as this may damage the wheel. If you get a flat tyre and reinflation does not help, replacement inner tubes, tyres and wheels are available for purchase from our webshop. Some punctures may be able to be repaired with a bicycle puncture repair kit. If the buggy is used in exposed environments such as salt water, salt spray or beach sand, wash any steel parts of the buggy by hosing the buggy or use warm soapy water, dry thoroughly and protect by spraying with light aerosol can oil, eg WD40® or CRC®.

Q.  How do I clean the seat fabric of my buggy?

A.  Brush off any excessive dirt or sand and rinse with lukewarm water. Fabric can be removed and washed by hand using a mild natural soap solution in lukewarm water (no more than 38°C/100°F). Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT tumble dry or dry in strong sunlight. To avoid fabric fading, cover the buggy if it is exposed to direct sunlight through glass e.g. in a car or if stored in exposed areas.



If the answer to your problem is not here, please  ask a question in our knowledge base  .

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