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Mountain Buggy Tyre Care

Cleverly engineered for function and durability, each and every Mountain Buggy is designed to enable parents to live a life without limit. Using air-filled tyres allows our buggies to absorb bumps across all terrain, offering supreme comfort for you and your baby. 

A Mountain Buggy Royal Encounter

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited New Zealand recently thousands of people lined the streets eager to catch a glimpse of the royal pair, and if they were really lucky, a handshake or polite hello. 

For five Mountain Buggy mums and their twins, they had an experience that most of us can only dream of - being singled out to meet the Duke and Duchess. 

Saving for your Dream Buggy

Although it might not seem like it at the time, there is one very big advantage to being pregnant for 40 weeks - there is plenty of time to shop for all those baby essentials. One thing that you're sure to need is a buggy but if you haven't already got savings in place for this purchase, it can be difficult to see how you will be able to afford your dream buggy - featuring everything you need to live life without limit.

A Fitness Regime With a Toddler in Tow - Is It Really Possible?

Many mothers say that once they have children, they no longer have time to go to the gym or do any formal exercise. Unfortunately just running around after your toddler might make you feel physically exhausted but doesn't really compensate for the physical exercise regime you may have lost.  In reality it is possible to follow a fitness regime with a toddler in tow. Determined to help you enjoy a life without limit, we've put together some handy tips for burning those calories and toning those muscles with your little one around.

The kindness of strangers!

A few months back our "Buggies for Good" programme sent an urban jungle buggy to Thailand with an amazing man called Graeme. Graeme had met a young disabled boy whilst he was volunteering there and was so touched by his grandmothers love and devotion that he decided to help her out. You can read the full story  here

Graeme is a volunteer with  Creating Balance Foundation of Thailand  - a program designed to create hope for families living in some of the worst conditions in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. He emailed us the other day to tell us how he was getting on and let us know how the urban jungle was holding up to the rigours of rural Thailand. This is what he had to say: