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Marcus Wild and partner Sarah

My name is Marcus Wild. I live in Raumati South, New Zealand with my beautiful wife Sarah and lovable Labrador Poppy. I am a Video Channel Manager at Xero and very recently found out my wife is expecting... twins!

I'm going to share my experiences becoming a first time father, all the ups (and downs!) of our journey towards becoming parents and the roller-coaster adventure once they arrive. 

Marcus will be using a duet once the babies arrive. 

Anti-natural class

This is not a typo - not this time. But the first time it was... or perhaps Apple had nailed the auto correction on the iPhone this time and had it right? 

Rewinding a little here, we had signed up for our local (correctly spelt) antenatal classes. I know it seems that there is a recurring theme in my blogs of me having no idea of what I'm doing, and I'm sure I still don't, but I promise our twins will be quite safe - Sarah knows what she is doing. 

Shopping and Showers

I know that shopping and showers isn't your normal mix - unless you are doing up your bathroom, and let's face it, if you have a baby on the way, that is the last thing on your mind! But this mix is one of the most important for a parent to be. 

Realising you know nothing...

Once the initial excitement of finding out we were having twins subsided I was left with a sudden sinking feeling. It first started as we drove home from our three month scan - questions swirling in my head like 'will we need a bigger car?' 'how will we know what car seat to put in?' 'how will they both fit inside Sarah for that long?', and the all important recurring question 'will I be a good father?'

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