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Active Mum Finds Freedom Pt.1

For me, buying a buggy was like buying a car or a bike: I needed one that suited my needs of living an active outdoor-lifestyle. For example, if you're a keen skier you generally need a car that has 4WD; if you're a mountain biker you need a mountain bike vs. if you're a triathlete you generally need a time trial bike (okay, let's be honest, there's a few needs there that should be replaced with wants, but you get the idea). 

Fashion forward with functionality

When choosing a buggy for my second baby I wanted to get something stylish yet practical. This time round I wanted something that didn't just simply serve a purpose; it had to meet my needs in functionality and suit my lifestyle, but also have style. I wanted something that I could push around with pride...

Realising you know nothing...

Once the initial excitement of finding out we were having twins subsided I was left with a sudden sinking feeling. It first started as we drove home from our three month scan - questions swirling in my head like 'will we need a bigger car?' 'how will we know what car seat to put in?' 'how will they both fit inside Sarah for that long?', and the all important recurring question 'will I be a good father?'

Mountain Buggy Tyre Care

Cleverly engineered for function and durability, each and every Mountain Buggy is designed to enable parents to live a life without limit. Using air-filled tyres allows our buggies to absorb bumps across all terrain, offering supreme comfort for you and your baby. 

On the Move with Mountain Buggy mini

Choosing the right stroller for you and your baby is not easy... there are so many options out there today. I know I have a little check list that must be met for me to even consider a stroller. Things like width, manoeuvrability, how easy it folds, weight, versatility and durability. It needs to work for us in town and in the park, and for both my baby and/or my toddler. Most of all, it needs to last.