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10" inner tube set

Set of 2x 10" inner tubes for the wheels of your swift, duet or breeze stroller.

The inner tube can be replaced by deflating the existing inner tube and removing this as well as the external tire   before replacing with your new inner tube, fitting the tire and inflating the new inner tube with a manual hand pump . Be sure to inflate   your new inner tube only to a maximum of 20 psi.

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General tube and tire maintenance tips:

We advise 20psi (for swift and duet 10" tubes) as the highest amount of air pressure to be put in all the wheels at any time. It can be slightly lower, but this is the highest maximum pressure. If it's any higher than 20psi, the inner tubes may pop, or deflate. Under-inflation can lead to problems with pinch flats. This can occur when you hit a bump and your under-inflated tire compresses all the way to the rim. Under inflation can also cause the push to feel more labored than usual and lead to accelerated tire wear. To help maintain proper pressure, we advise using a manual hand/foot pump with a tire gauge attached so that you may keep track of how much air pressure you're putting in the tire. We only recommend using a hand or bike pump, as an air compressor may fill the inner tube too rapidly. 

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