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A Family's Determination for Their Baby to Enjoy the Mountain Lifestyle They Love

We’ve been living mountain lives for the past 15+ years whether that be in the US Rockies, the Swedish wilderness, or the Alpine valleys of Austria. Since we both met each other (working for an outdoor brand) we have made it a simple priority in our shared life to be living in the mountains. It’s non negotiable so to say! Why? It nourishes our souls, keeps us physically fit and mentally relaxed, and ultimately it grounds us in a sense of reality.

So, when we found out (through a sheer miracle of medical science!) that we would become parents we never even considered that we would deprioritize mountain living. In fact quite the opposite, we were determined to give this new little person the same mountain life that we have come to cherish so much.

Going Buggy in the Mountains

So, 9 months ago we received our Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle and we've been using it a lot ever since. My daughter, my wife and me live in Bergen (pop: 250,000) in western Norway. We live close to the city center and often use public transport (bus, light rail) to get into town. You all know that this stroller is fantastic in the city, but what about the real off roads?

My Story: 5 Buggies in 5 Years

As an expectant mother, I imagined that I would buy one buggy and it would last me from the time my son was born right through until we no longer needed a buggy. However five years on and I've just got my fifth buggy. So what happened to my one perfect buggy? Well read on as I explain how my buggy journey evolved.