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Outdoor Interval Workout

Baby Boot Camp Instructor, USA

Follow the steps below for a time-saving outdoor strength and cardio workout. Note: This workout is appropriate for moms who are at least sixteen weeks postpartum.

  • Grab a stopwatch or wristwatch with a second hand so you can time your intervals.
  • Strap your baby securely in your stroller and walk briskly or jog for at least five minutes to warm up. Note: We recommend that you do not start jogging until you are at least four months postpartum.
  • Alternate sixty seconds of the following strength exercises with sixty seconds of jumping jacks: push-ups, triceps dips, alternating reverse lunges, squats, and plank. Be sure to face your child in their stroller throughout these exercises, counting or singing to keep them entertained. 
  • Refer to the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) chart here https://www.babybootcamp.com/blog/2016/02/21/rpe-rate-of-perceived-exertion/ for guidelines on working out at the right intensity. Your RPE for strength intervals should be 4–6. Your RPE for the jumping jack intervals in this chapter should be 6–8.
  • Cool down with gentle walking for two to three minutes. Squeeze your shoulder blades slightly toward each other as you push your stroller to work your upper and mid-back as you cool down.
  • If your baby’s mood is favorable, tack on as many stretches as you have time for at the end of your workout.

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