Active Mum Finds Freedom Pt. 2

Our little mascot (Bruno) arrived by speed train late October 2013. Having been very lucky with a smooth and natural delivery, it was not long before I was out and about with him in my terrain

Breakfast at the beach, two weeks old

Those first few weeks were a magical experience where you begin to wonder how you ever existed without this little person in your life. By week six, and being given the all clear at my postpartum check-up, I was beginning to feel like my old self and chomping at the bit to get more active. With the thought of the ultra-marathon in the back of my mind, I continued to take things easy and in some ways pretended I'd pulled a hamstring or calf muscle to ensure I didn't bolt out of the gate by doing too much, too soon. We did a lot of walking in those early weeks with the terrain  configured with the Mountain Buggy carrycot

smaller 2

Conveniently the carrycot doubled as Bruno's bassinet as we transferred it onto the portable stand when inside. This allowed us to manoeuvre a sleeping baby from the bedroom, to the living room, to the terrain without ever moving him from his cosy bed. A very important - crucial! - function to maintaining harmony in the house. 

By week eight Christmas was days away and we were packed up and heading back to New Zealand to introduce our newest addition to the family. By now, with the buggy forward facing, I had started to find my running strides and considered the terrain to be an essential part of my day, or more so my sanity. There's nothing quite like waking up feeling tired (who am I kidding, did I ever actually go to sleep???) and being able to get outside to do some exercise to reset the mood.


The terrain was definitely heading to NZ with us, however, having travelled a lot with bikes from said Ironman addiction, I knew only too well how easily precious gear can get damaged when flying. I considered a decent bag for the terrain  to travel in like an insurance policy and packed it up in the universal travel bag . While it's a tight fit for the terrain  length wise, this bag works perfectly to stuff spare nappies and other never-ending baby gear into and is surprising easy to wheel around. Best of all, buggies travel for free as an additional piece of luggage on most airlines. Bonus, stuff that buggy bag full! While the bag took a bit of hammering, my buggy arrived untouched. Mission accomplished.

Katie x 


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