Shadow Play

Year of the Pig, Limitierte Auflage 2019

Mountain Buggy stellt speziell für das Jahr des Schweins 2019, das zwölfte von zwölf Tierzeichen im chinesischen Tierkreis, seine vierte Stoffdruck-Sonderausgabe vor: „Shadow Play“.

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Durch ein von der Jahrtausende alten chinesischen Kunstform des Scherenschnitts inspiriertes Spiel mit dem Licht will der Druck für das kommende Jahr Traditionen fortführen.

Das Glück und die Intelligenz des Schweins sind vor dem Hintergrund eines feinen Blumendesigns im Monochromdruck wiedergegeben und stellen die explorative Wiedergabe einer traditionellen Kunstform dar, die unsere langjährige Beziehung zur Volksrepublik China unterstreicht.







the art of travelling light

nano is the ultimate travel stroller that promises a light and convenient solution for travelling with your child. nano also offers longevity of use, an authentic Mountain Buggy experience of ease and first class safety innovation.

nano fold and 360



first class travel stroller

Lightweight at less than 6kg/13lb and measuring just 54 x 31 x 51cm when folded, this lightweight and compact travel stroller can easily fit into many carry on luggage units for planes, trains and automobiles, making travel with your baby a breeze!


winning features


universal carseat compatibility

cocoon lie-flat

lie-flat compatible when used with the Mountain Buggy cocoon

cocoon and nano stroller
nano folded in carry bag

now with an even more compact fold


included travel satchel


newborn comfort

lie flat option when paired with our lightweight Mountain Buggy cocoon.

nano now delivers an excellent lie flat newborn solution with the additional accessory Mountain Buggy cocoon*; a soft-shelled, newborn carrycot that is designed with your baby’s comfort in mind. With a protective zip lid to shield your baby from the elements and a flip out sun hood, cocoon also provides carry handles and a firm base, so you can easily transport your baby in and out of the stroller without disturbing their rest. the perfect accessory for travelling with your baby

*In order to use the nano with a newborn, you must use the Mountain Buggy cocoon accessory. nano is not compatible for newborns without the cocoon.


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mother with nano compact stroller and newborn coocoon walking - urban park

smooth performance

This travel stroller features built-in rear wheel suspension to keep your baby comfortable on their travel adventure, an easy to use colour defined brake for extra safety  and 5 1/2” EVA wheels for a smooth ride. The front wheels feature swivel and lock capabilities for awesome handling in tight spaces and uneven surfaces. These innovative features plus cleverly designed weight distribution make nano a breeze to push and easy to pop up onto curbs.

summer family outing with nano compact stroller

easy two-step fold and unfold

with the press of 2 buttons, nano simply drops in 2 stages, leaving it the size of a compact travel satchel. Slide nano into a custom-fit, compact travel bag with an exposed handle, or attach a shoulder strap for easy and light carry on. When you arrive at your destination, flick nano open with just one hand to unfold and continue your journey. Perfect for those quick errands with your baby in the city.

car seat compatible

nano is available as a travel system with the Mountain Buggy protect infant car seat - an ultra safe and light car seat with base installation options.  

Alternatively, nano is equipped with an on-board car seat adapter to accommodate most leading car seat brands. Travel easy with your newborn baby in their car seat and nano. 

To learn more about the protect infant car seat  click here


man with kids - nano compact stroller with with protect car seat - london england


Mit dem neuen Zubehör von Mountain Buggy kann dir der Winter nichts anhaben. Mit unserem Winterzubehör kannst du dein Leben ohne Einschränkung führen; deine Familie ist auch in der kalten Jahreszeit gemütlich und komfortabel unterwegs. 

Mit den Fäustlingen , dem Schlafsack , dem  Lammfellbezug  und dem Winter-Skianzug , ist dein Kind immer geborgen, warm und geschützt. 


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keep calm and carry-on

Our team of urban travelling families have tested nano on planes, trains and automobiles to test and prove its first class rating in functionality and style for you and your baby. Check it all out on  instagram @mountain_buggy