Girl in the haven with safeguard

 Haven's Isofix system makes it a breeze to transfer it between cars. The seat belt holder works really well to hold it in place and not get twisted. All these little things add up to make a big difference for a busy life.

 It ticks all our boxes for style, safety, ease, size and comfort. It's been the perfect transition for our 5-year old. She can easily get in and out of the seat and absolutely loves the cup holder! It makes her feel like a 'big girl' that she can manage it by herself. 

Written by: Chris Benham, father of two ( Wellington, New Zealand)

Two children each in the haven with safeguard

Installation was really easy and quick, we really liked the solid isofix as it holds the seats rock solid plus they look great in the car and the kids loved them and found them very comfortable. The kids like that they have a bit more room to move around in them. They work really well and are super easy to swap between our two cars. 

To sum it up though, we love the versatility and comfort of these seats, it helps that they are aesthetically pleasing too. 

Written by: Kim Len, mother of two ( Wellington, New Zealand)