It's a dog's life!

As a child I was always desperate to have a dog, I can remember pestering my poor mum time and time again for a puppy. That was in addition to the pony, that I was sure could live in my bedroom – ahhhh the innocence of children!

There is something very special about the unconditional love that both children and dogs give you. You just can’t help but feel happy when you are in the presence of happiness itself. Nothing acts as a better pick me up than children laughing just for the sake of it, or a dog having a funny five minutes charging around, simply because it has a burst of energy that it just can’t control or contain.

Hannah and Joshua love our Chocolate Labrador Bentley. They love running around the garden with him and Hannah is always keen to come on daily dog walks.

Yesterday I decided to take Bentley and the children for a walk through a park with a wooded area, which is ideal for exploring. The challenge was the undulating path, which was incredibly bumpy in places due to tree roots and once again the Terrain did not disappoint as it made easy work of the woodland floor and steep slopes. The pneumatic tyres are just superb. Knowing how easy they make walking in this kind of environment, I could never go back to any other pushchair.

We are lucky to have some fantastic walks right near the house and the Mountain Buggy Terrain has proved to be invaluable on many occasions. One of Joshua’s favorite places is near the river; the water just seems to call him. Maybe he will grow up to be a famous sailor, discovering uncharted waters or perhaps a marine biologist diving in the gorgeous waters of the tropics.

I often look at both Hannah and Joshua and wonder just who they will become and what changes to this world they will make. Ultimately, Iike any parent, I just want them to be happy, to enjoy the wonders of life and be able to treat everything they experience as a gift and an opportunity for growth. That would be an amazing thing indeed…..