mountain buggy protect infant car seat with baby being strapped in to new protect capsule using a 5 point harness
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Protection, versatility and comfort for your baby

Ideal for transporting baby with minimal disturbance to their rest, protect™ is easy and convenient to transfer from car to buggy and back again. protect™ is travel system ready with receivers on board, compatible with all Mountain Buggies and other buggy brands using our range of  car seat adaptors .

mountain buggy protect on various buggies

Intuitive and convenient installation options

For a safe fit every time, install protect™ by securing the tether base (included with the protect™ car seat) and simply click protect™ in and out with ease. 

mountain buggy protect car seat being placed onto buggy

Enhanced safety and comfort features

With high side protection and thick EPS foam, protect™ nestles baby safely in their car seat. A removable cushion liner provides additional support and protection for the head and hips. For additional newborn support, protect™ includes a removable lumbar cushion.

Friction strips on the adjustable 5 point safety harness with chest clip offer enhanced performance in the event of a crash. A sun hood provides privacy and protection for baby in and out of the car, and a rocker base allows you to comfort baby for short stints outside of the car and off the buggy.


Lightweight and ergonomically designed

Lifting baby in protect™ from car to buggy and beyond is easy with a lightweight design at just 3.5kg/8.3lbs. An ergonomically shaped handle is designed for comfort in hand or resting on your elbow, making protect™ easy to carry and evenly balanced.

mountain buggy protect with father lifting baby off buggy into car