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Best for Tall Runners

"Most jogging strollers don't have adjustable handlebars and if you're on the taller side, you may find many joggers are too short for you. The Mountain Buggy Terrain allows you to adjust the height, accommodating both shorter and taller runners, which means it's also good for sharing with other caregivers. Plus, it has a slim profile, so navigating the supermarket or shops is possible. And talk about motivation - when you buy this stroller you get your first  Baby Boot Camp  class free, a stroller workout that's offered across the country." Read the full article here

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"We arrived in the Lake District yesterday and went on our first proper hike with the buggy today - about 7 miles. The terrain was a real mix - lots of gravel paths, slots of rocky forest trails and a ford.  Freddie was a bit upset to begin with, we think it was because of the cold / wind. Once we put the rain cover on he slept for 1.5 hours, including the river crossing, so it must be a pretty comfy ride! It got really bouncy towards the end, but Freddie loved it. We made good use of the brakes and at one point on really cambered bit of the path we ended up testing the 5 point safety harness - oops! We found locking up the front wheel really helped on the stoniest bits."

Written by: Tom & Emily Randle

terrain consumer review

"Just wanted to say that I've been really impressed with the ease at which you can fold down "pack down" and extend the buggy back into action. Very straight forward and practical! When you remove the back wheels and pack it down it can fit quite well into a moderate sized car boot...the handbrake is fantastic and would be very confident using it on hilly terrain. I would use this handbrake regularly..."

Written by: David Murtagh - Ireland

terrain consumer review

"I absolutely love it! It's so easy to fold down. Arthur thinks it is great being able to sit up and look around. Today we ventured out to the botanical gardens in Christchurch. It was a little drizzly so I used the rain cover. It is great that you can unzip the cover to get your baby out. With other prams I have had to remove the whole rain cover to get him out, which is not very practical. I think this is a great feature of the Mountain Buggy. Arthur loved sitting in his pram chatting to me while I drank my coffee!...

...I took Arthur for a walk in Bottle Lake Forest. For this walk I used the 16 inch wheels. The forest is really bumpy and there is lots of sand. It was an absolute breeze pushing Arthur in this pram. It was only a matter of minutes before he was fast asleep with the nice, gently bumping of the pram on the rough terrain. Arthur slept for the entire walk despite the fact that some of the areas were quite rough. The pram handled every hurdle really well and I was extremely impressed. As mothers I am sure we all appreciate a sleeping baby and there is nothing worse then a sudden bump that wakes them!! This was not the case with the Mountain Buggy terrain. Arthur looked so peaceful through the walk and he looked so cosy and comfortable tucked up in the pram. I will be sure to go walking through the forest again, it really was an enjoying experience with this pram."

Written by: Emma Ellis - Christchurch, NZ

Mountain Buggy terrain

"Having the right buggy is an absolute top priority for me, as some farm jobs are just not suitable for a toddler to be exploring on their feet. I love knowing that my daughter is comfortable and happy in the seat of her buggy, observing what is happening, while being safe and letting me have the freedom to move.The Mountain Buggy terrain fits perfectly into our family. It goes everywhere! 

The larger 16" wheels give great ground clearance, without compromising the balance or stability of the buggy. I am often covering uneven ground, from small creeks and muddy patches in paddocks, to negotiating my way through native bush, over sticks and small logs. The terrain handles all of this perfectly, while remaining light and easy to steer. It is extremely simple to change to the smaller wheels allowing me to disguise my off road farm vehicle, for a nippy town buggy, although with the new compact fold, I have no trouble fitting the terrain in my standard size boot with either wheels on! The hand brake gives me extra piece of mind when going doing steep hills, I am able to control the speed better, this definitely makes me feel more confident about exploring new areas. I am so impressed with the new terrain, there seems to be nothing that hasn't been really well thought through. Definitely the best buggy for our family." 

Written by: Lucy Mouat - Hawke's Bay, NZ

The Wise Baby

"The terrain checks all my boxes for a good stroller: maneuverable, easy to fold, smooth and comfortable ride and infant car seat compatible. I am beyond impressed with the new terrain.  What I love most is that it is a multi functional stroller that grows with your child.  If you are a serious jogger this a great stroller for you.  If you are one that jogs here and there this is a great stroller for you because you can easily use it everyday with the new streamlined features."

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Written by: Lindsey from The Wise Baby (United States)

Pushchair Expert (United Kingdom)

"The 2015 version on the Mountain Buggy terrain has a whole host of new features. With a more compact, easy fold, a lighter chassis and larger basket, the terrain has never been so impressive."

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Written by: Pushchair Expert (United Kingdom)

Made For Mums (United Kingdom)

"Mountain Buggy's new terrain is one of a raft of new additions to its ever-growing, all-action stable that combines sleek and slender stylish designs with the hardiness and nimbleness (yes, that's a word) of a mountain goat."


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Written by: Made For Mums (United Kingdom)

Mum in a Nutshell

So what was I looking for in a buggy when I chose this particular one? Well my main criteria was a lightweight, sturdy, easy to push 3 wheeler. I was about to embark on a lifestyle change, one which required long walks, gentle runs and power walks as well as trips to the shops. I wanted one which didn’t take up the entire boot space, would last my son through baby and toddler years and had a basket which could be loaded up for picnics on the beach and in the country.

Written by: Mum in a Nutshell ( UK)
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