Product Upgrades

Mountain Buggy takes product safety and safe use very seriously, and our team takes the utmost care in designing products to meet or exceed safety standards all over the world.

We are extremely proud of our safety record, our proactive approach to product management, and our long term relationship with parents worldwide. Sometimes, new concerns arise outside the testing and production framework that require immediate attention. We are proud to take positive, pro-active product improvement measures.

Even though we test for toxicity, endurance, hazards, function, labelling and so on, human factors mean we may later learn that a product can be better.

The following product has required such action:

Free tension strap for travel systems: MaxiCosi & Pebble AND Safe'n'Sound Unity induo TWIN mode

We're always seeking ways to improve the function and safety of products, and when feasible to do so, we make those improvements available to owners of earlier versions of the product.

A tension strap has been introduced to the following duo/duet travel systems as an additional feature when using your duo in TWIN mode(two car seats side-by-side):

  • Maxi Cosi model Cabriofix and model Pebble
  • Safe'n'Sound Unity (CLIP 19)

We implemented this upgrade shortly after learning there could be incorrect car seat installations on the duo in TWIN mode.

The duo has two bars running down the centre of the frame (duet only has one centre bar). With one travel system attached and secured, when attaching the second car seat to the opposite side the customer may pull one of the centre bars out, accidently uninstalling the first travel system.

Our solution is a simple addition of the tension strap which can easily be attached either at home or at a Mountain Buggy base and we recommend this to be used when in duo TWIN mode only.


This tension strap will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to any consumers who have purchased TWO travel systems for use as a duo TWIN.

We have had no reports of travel systems incidents, which is great, and shows we are proactive!

Tension straps will be made available from 24th October 2011 complete with fitting instructions. Should you have any queries at all, please feel free to contact one of our trained customer service representatives.

NOTE: this only applies to travel system Maxi Cosi model Cabriofix and model Pebble AND Safe'n'Sound Unity (CLIP 19), when using in duo TWIN mode.

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