now reading: Mountain Buggy® launches Chinese zodiac-inspired print
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Mountain Buggy® launches Chinese zodiac-inspired print

Mountain Buggy® launches Chinese zodiac-inspired print

In celebration of the Chinese zodiac Year of the Rat 2020, award-winning baby goods brand, Mountain Buggy®, launched its fifth stunning, limited edition print.
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 In celebration of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Rat 2020, award-winning baby goods brand, Mountain Buggy, has launched its fifth limited edition print.

Chief executive, Campbell Gower, says the latest print - mischief in the meadow - is portrayed and inspired by the millenia old Chinese painting technique of ink wash.

“This playful art piece sets a whimsical scene; a ‘mischief’ of rats playing amongst a midnight meadow of lilies and african violets - the lucky flowers for Year of the Rat.

“Emerging in Tang dynasty China, the millenia old painting technique of ink wash delicately portrays the optimism, quick-wit and resourceful traits of the rat that are well liked by all - set amongst this year’s lucky colours of gold, green and blue.

“This magical and fun print offers parents the best of both worlds - a buggy delivering superior form, function and design, combined with a unique and meaningful style.”

Gower says the launch of each Chinese zodiac-inspired print is a special time for his team.

“It’s about genuinely appreciating a unique culture with which our company has strong ties; a friendship spanning 25 years, in fact!

“With a global office based in Yanzhou, we’re not only proud of our hard working Chinese team, but also the reciprocal business growth relationships we’ve built in the East. We’ll continue to celebrate this in different ways.

“These limited edition prints, first launched in 2016, have become a rich part of Mountain Buggy’s DNA, weaving together creative expression, cultural diversity and individuality,” Gower says.

“It’s yet another way of showing our appreciation for, and connectedness to, Chinese culture.”

The Year of the Rat celebrates the first animal sign in the Chinese zodiac. It’s the brand’s fifth print in the series, with the popular Year of the Pig, Dog, Rooster and Monkey prints all preceding this latest edition.

The new limited edition print is available on the Red Dot Award winning nano travel buggy, and can be selected when purchasing online, and in-store.

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