Kindness is contagious - pass it on!

A few weeks back we came across a very special lady called Dee. We met Dee and her two twin boys at the 'Wellington Buggy Walk'. This year we showed our support for the 'Buggy Walk' by donating a prize or voucher for one lucky family to win.

This years winner was Dee and we gave her a $500 voucher towards our latest innovation! However when Dee emailed us to thank us for the prize she asked whether she could give this prize to another person. Dee explained to us how she had spent time in and out of hospital with her two boys over the last few months. The boys who are now 19 months were born early at 26 weeks. still continue to suffer due complications from being born prematurely.

On her last few visits to the hospital with the boys she met a lady in the neonate unit whose baby had been born premature. This new mother had evidently had her life turned upside down with the early arrival of her baby. Dee understands how stressful having a baby prematurely can be and knowing that this lady had nothing organised decided that she wanted to help her out. That's when she decided to ask whether she could give her voucher to this lady instead.

Naturally we agreed to Dee's request and were extremely impressed by her generosity, especially considering she herself was going through quite a difficult time. Dee's concern about this other woman's welfare was beyond admirable and we felt such kindness she shouldn't go unrewarded. That's when we came up with the idea of looking in our "Buggies for Good" programme for something that could help Dee out too.

The Mountain Buggy duet seemed liked the perfect fit for Dee's family. It could take her two twins and their feeding equipment but would be narrow enough for her to get around with ease. Unfortunately though, we knew it was rare to have a duet in the programme. However this time the stars seemed to align and we did - our warehouse had just refurbished one and it was ready to go. The duet would go to a deserving home! 

Over the years the "Buggies for Good" programme has helped new parents that are struggling, charities without funding, and asylum seekers who came here with nothing. Every buggy that get's donated back to us gets spruced up and sent to a good home. Before you throw away your old buggy, please remember our programme. No act of kindness however small is ever wasted. 

Contact  [email protected]  if you would like to donate your old stroller back to us or have any queries.


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