Motherhood Melbourne

Rheannon's motherhood story - Travelling with toddler triplets

Cheap flights don’t come with any bells and whistles. Or free luggage.

I found a solution: Mountain Buggy Bagrider – carryon cases with seating for toddlers. These bags provided enough space to store all our on-board needs, plus they convert to a type of pram to securely seat the toddlers when they were tired or needed to be contained. As the distance from an airport entrance to most boarding gates is usually over a kilometre, there is no way we could have carried the babies and our luggage that far. I never thought I’d be so appreciative of some luggage, but these things may have saved my holiday. They definitely saved my sanity.

Written by: Rheannon, Motherhood Melbourne
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9 months and forever

OBSESSED with the latest invention from Mountain Buggy !

We are all about products that make travelling with toddlers that little bit easier and this summer we have been OBSESSED with the latest invention from Mountain Buggy and we know you have too! Let us introduce the Bagrider; an ingenious idea that takes the worry out of travelling through an airport, I mean how many times have you seen a toddler hop off a moving Trunki? Nightmare!

Written by: Claire Fedigan, 9 months & forever
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Nylon Singapore

Review: Mountain Buggy bagrider

Any parent knows that travelling with a toddler is challenging. You have to juggle your stuff, the toddler, and all the toddler’s things — and a toddler comes with many, many things. The even bigger challenge comes when you’re travelling alone with the little one, and you’re wheeling both cabin luggage and a stroller, and your stroller can be taken away at any time and end up at the over-sized baggage reclaim counter. And that’s the story of the Mountain Buggy bagrider…

Written by: Adele Chan, Nylon Singapore
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Child with a suitcase

Travel Gear Every Parent Needs

Here’s an ingenious solution for hustling through busy airports with little stragglers: just strap your tired toddler into a detachable, cushioned throne mounted atop a wheeled suitcase! ...Don’t worry about your little one taking a spill during the ride: there’s a five-point safety harness with adjustable straps, keeping them snug in their seat.

Written by: Sky Scanner
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Best suitcase for flying with kids

How do you travel through an airport with toddlers, babies, kids and all that luggage? Mountain Buggy has the answer – the brand new bagrider. This ride on suitcase for parents traveling with kids is really the perfect solution to meeting all your storage needs because not only does it maximise space – it also doubles up as a quasi stroller so you can push your kids along with all that luggage.

The Mountain Buggy bagrider is so easy to use that you can even get the bigger kids to do the pushing while you handle the other bags. No more meltdowns over long commutes between the gates.

Written by: Suitcases&Strollers ( Australia )
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Mountain Buggy have an innovative solution to a problem that most parents face – travelling with a tired toddler!

Developed by former air crew, the bagrider stems from the knowledge and experience that airports are not always a fun place to be. Delays occur, your flight can be cancelled and your pushchair is taken from you before boarding a plane.  All of this can lead to a tired and grumpy toddler who no longer wants to walk through the airport. The Mountain Buggy bagrider takes all of this into account and provides a solution that will not alter the way you have to travel.

The seat attaches quickly and easily and has a 5 point safety harness. This features adjustable straps to keep your child safe whilst in motion. You can then use bagrider as a pushchair alternative. No more grumpy toddlers, no more worry of losing your child – they are safe and travelling at your pace.

Written by: BPR - Buggy Pram Reviews ( United Kingdom )
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Sam and Shea Redhill

Customer review

"We loved it. We felt like celebrities as everywhere we went people were staring at us but really they were looking at the bag. It made travel really simple as you were completely hands free and because it fits easily down the aisle of the plane you could sort everything else out and the baby was safe sitting on the bag until you were done."

Written by: Sam and Shea Redhill

Customer review

"We flew from Wellington to Fiji. I used it through wgtn check in to security. From Nadi check in to security, through the lounge and on to the plane. I have to admit I was hesitant at first but confident after the initial trip as it felt really secure. I found the maneuverability EXCELLENT, i didn't think it would be that easy, and best of all bub was content and happy!"

Rebecca Shannon

Customer review

"I love the bagrider, it made my travels Stress free! It was so easy to use once I had done it the first time. I also made sure I knew all the tricks before I got to the airport. My favourite experience was the fact it contained an active toddler, and that I didn't need a pram and flying solo with two kids I knew I could get around the airport with ease."

Written by: Rebecca Shannon