Being active with duet - review

Mountain Buggy duet Active Ambassador

Nastia Ebeling, mother of two 



Our son Alex and Alina were born exactly two years apart. When Alina arrived, Alex wasn’t able to walk long distances and we needed a stroller that could carry two children at the same time.

My husband and I live an active life – we keep up our fitness by going jogging, and we do most of our daily shopping on foot. Having duet makes living this active lifestyle that much easier.   

When we go out for a run, whether it is around the streets or through the woods, the duet is very comfortable. The tyre suspension is excellent, and even my husband who is about 6 feet tall has a lot of space for his legs when he is running or pushing the stroller. When going jogging every weekend, our baby Alina can sleep like an angel, and at the same Alex has a lot of fun coming for a ride.

As a mom of two small kids I have little time to do my workouts but with duet I can do them outdoors when going for a walk with kids. 

The basket under the seats is very convenient and improves our everyday life because it offers a lot of space. We are able to buy food, napkins and all of the other things you need when getting out with two children. 




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