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How I stay motivated to buggy run

Mountain Buggy ambassador

Melanie Wiltshire, mother of two

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I can’t think of anything worse than going running, with or without the buggy. I can’t be bothered. I’d rather sit in the house snuggled under a blanket, drinking hot tea and watching Grey’s Anatomy. OK, this would never actually happen if I didn’t go running due to the two little people requiring seemingly constant attention, but you get my drift.

How do I drag myself out of the front door? Glad you asked. Here are my top 5 tips for staying motivated...

1. Dangle that carrot

Promise yourself a treat for going out running. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a little reward for getting out and getting it done. My favorite things include a glass of wine with the kid's tea, a few squares of dark choc and the ultimate – a hot bath once the kids are in bed (choc/vino optional but recommended!). Leave the clearing up/laundry etc and allow yourself the luxury of a 20 minute soak, you’ve earned it. Obviously, you don’t have to go running to be able to enjoy any of these things but if you have, it feels super virtuous!

2. Shout it from the rooftops

Tell a mate, tell a colleague, tell social media…it doesn’t matter who but just tell someone. It’s amazing how this works - the guilt of not going running once I’ve said out loud is enough to get me out of the front door! Maybe I should try this out with the housework….

3. Sign up to a race

When I first got my Mountain Buggy terrain back in April, I set myself a goal of completing a 5k Parkrun course. One month later, after some serious sweat and slog, Austin and I did our first Parkrun at Ellenbrook Fields. The satisfaction from this was enough to keep me motivated for a while, but soon my enthusiasm started to wane. I’d ticked that box so what next? Instagram intervened as it so often does (I’ve put some serious browsing hours in), and up popped an ad for the Shoreditch 10k, part of the Adidas City Runs series. I ignored it a few times until the spark finally lit (or maybe it was the gin fizz) and I entered! I’ll admit it, I’ve been totally sucked into the cool marketing of this event but if it got me excited to run again, who cares?!

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4. Variety is the spice of life!

Two suggestions for mixing things up here: firstly, try a new route. I love exploring new running routes. It somehow doesn’t feel so hard when you’re having to concentrate on where you’re going or you have no idea of the terrain. I’m yet to find anything the  Mountain Buggy terrain can’t handle – it’s more about what I can cope with! New places mean new things to look at, which helps to keep Austin entertained too. 
Secondly, add some other exercises into your run. I sometimes combine this with a stop at the park. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated - some squat jumps in between pushing the swing, lunges at the bottom of the slide or tricep dips on a bench. Everyone wins!

5. Meet a mate

If you’re lucky to have fellow (buggy) runners living nearby then go out together. You’re much more likely to go out if you’re meeting someone, you wouldn’t want to let them down! Alternatively, arrange to meet a friend for coffee at the end of your buggy run. Better still, combine this with point no 2 and there’s absolutely no backing out ;-)

So, there you have it, my top 5 tips for staying motivated. Off you go!


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