The Inner You

By: Maria Gorosito, Baby Boot Camp & Karna Fitness, Katy, Texas

The Inner You

I am so excited to now be entering the third month of the 2013 Mother Love Fitness Challenge!  I am feeling strong, yet light; empowered, yet patient; creative and full of worth!  These are all changes that I am planning on solidifying this last month of MOLO.  So far, so good!  Here’s an update on my progress!

Positive Progress- During the challenge, we will be doing assessments 4 times.  It’s amazing and inspiring to see where I started and where I am today!  My fellow moms are putting up some amazing numbers in their cardio, strength and core exercise functional fitness tests.  This weekend, many of my fellow MOLO moms ran their first half marathon!  While not my first half, I was looking forward to running with them and crossing that finish line.  Unfortunately, I got very sick Friday evening and had to watch from the sidelines…total boo.  Watching these ladies tackle their first13.1 miles during the MOLO Challenge was nothing short of greatness!  There’s already talk of which race we will be doing next, when and where... the excitement is palpable!  This is the type of positive progress I am so proud to be a part of!  It really makes me feel like I am a part of something BIG.

Empowerment – And so having lived through the aforementioned sidelined experience this past weekend, I have realized that the MOLO Challenge has given me a sense of empowerment!  I am responsible for making good choices with regards to the foods I eat, how much exercise I get and ultimately, my health!  Whereas before MOLO I may have doubted myself on whether to run or not, I am comfortable knowing I made the right decision.  I am listening to my body, even if it means shedding a tear or two!    Before MOLO, I could hear my body, but I wasn’t really listening! Now I pay attention and take action!

That’s me on the sidelines cheering on my MOLO and Half Marathon teammates!

We all know that clean eating and exercise creates changes on the outside.  Our jeans feel better, our shirts get cuter and we walk taller!  But now that we are in the third and final month of MOLO, how has this challenge changed the inner YOU?

Maria Gorosito is the owner of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness in Katy, TX. She is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. When not training for marathons or 5K’s in the dark, she’s busy raising three energetic little boys! Her favorite exercise move for all of her Baby Boot Camp stroller fitness clients is by far the fantastic and super-efficient burpee!