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Une ombrelle pour poussette qui offre intimité et protection pour votre bébé.

Not currently available in this region.


caractéristiques principales: 

  • 2 ajusteurs d'angle
  • maniable et orientable 
  • très léger: 0.38kg / 0.84lbs
  • facile à plier
  • dimensions pliée: L 85cm / 33.4", L 6.5cm / 2.5"
  • dimensions dépliée: L 85cm / 33.4", L 60cm / 23.6"
  • pinces en caoutchouc - pas de rayure sur votre châssis 
  • protecteur thermique avec UPF (indice de protection anti les rayons uv)
  • imperméable
  • en polyester facile à nettoyer 
  • extérieur noir avec un intérieur argent
  • compatibilite pour tout type de poussette Mountain Buggy et la plupart des autres marques
  • compatible également avec la chaise portable pod
  • utilisation idéale avec votre siège auto protect ou votre  nacelle

Don't buy this!


I cannot get the umbrella to fasten securely to my Mountain Buggy pram. The slightest bump causes the umbrella to fall down. Extremely disappointed, not suitable for purpose.



The actual parosol is fine, but disappointed with the clip/attachment which is not sturdy. I have a MB Swift buggy and had gone for the parasol thinking it would have a neater way of clipping in. Unfortunately the clamp system provided doesn't grip firmly enough to the buggy frame...

Doesn't hold its shape


I thought this would be great for our pram. Unfortunately the bendable adjustment points don't always hold their shape so it requires pretty constant adjustment. A good idea but needs some's cheap but i would pay more for one that worked better

Not worth it - annoyingly fiddly!


I bought this hoping to keep the sun off my son while in this mountain buggy terrain. The clasp to attach it to the buggy isn't that strong even when done up really tight so the weight of the umbrella can make it twist round. When you want to take the parasol off to fold up the buggy or when it's not needed, you either need to take off the whole thing or spend ages unscrewing the parasol from the pole fixing. The parasol doesn't stay where you position it for very long if you are on any kind of bumpy terrain (gravel or even a roughish pavement). It would probably only work well on the smooth floors of a shopping centre! You also have to use 2 hands to reposition it as if you try and use one then the fixing to the buggy twists round and you have to tighten it up all over again. Wish I hadn't bothered buying it, it's more trouble than it's worth! Very surprised it doesn't work better as i am using it with a mountain buggy. Would not recommend this product.

Won't hold


Unfortunately the umbrella will not hold or fix to the frame properly so I was not able to use it


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