sac de transport international

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sac de transport international utilisable dans les avions, trains et voitures! 

Voyager avec votre bébé en toute simplicité.

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caractéristiques principales:

  • protège votre poussette ou un siège auto, et tous les equipements pour bébé 
  • taille réglable, plus d'espace
  • roues robustes pour un transport plus facile même entièrement chargés
  • sangle d´épaule facilitant le transport 
  • extrêmement léger moins de 2 kgs
  • compact se roule en boule
  • polyester résistant à l'usure extérieure et intérieur rembourré
  • sécurité assurée, fermeture velcro très résistante
  • compatibilité universelle pour tout type de poussette Mountain Buggy * ou de siège auto, et la plupart des autres marques
  • dimensions au sol : 100 x 58cm 
  • gamme de couleurs EXCLUSIVE uniquement disponible sur notre page internet Mountain Buggy !

* Non compatible avec la poussette duo ou toute autre poussette mountain buggy pré 2010 avec des essieux non rétractables.

Almost worth it...


Bought this for interstate and international trips with our Swift. We have a newborn so we had the bassinet, but unfortunately the bag only just reached to tie itself all together, so after a couple of movements from trolley to carousel etc, it was beginning to come undone. The handle is too flimsy to pull along such a large package. However, the internal cords, plus the durability of the material means it will be very useful once we've moved onto the stroller part of the pram.

Useful to keep items from being scratched x


We originally bought this bag for travelling with our Swift. The buggy fitted in well and we secreted in extras such as blankets and nappies. We liked how the bag rolls into a tube to carry when not in use, and it conveniently fitted over the buggy handle, allowing us to take our buggy through the airport to check in prior to packing it in the bag. With two children we upgraded to a duet, but I found it really didn't fit well in this bag, so picked up a MB black travel bag instead - which is much easier to use. We now use this to keep our car seat safe when travelling - we managed to fit in two! Bonus when flying with EasyJet :) negs - lack of pockets that you find in the old black travel bags. The red material inside is flimsy and vulnerable to damage when exposed.

Well designed and very useful


Bought this for a long trip OS (for use with the Swift) it's well designed, except for the handle to pull along the bag once loaded - it's flimsy compared to the rest of the design and construction.

Not big enough and badly designed


Bought this bag for the terrain. It wasn't bit enough which meant that the bag got damaged after one quick use. The handle is flimsy and it's really hard to pull along on its wheels. A waste of money.

It's ok, could be much better


I bought this for an os trip to keep the swift safe. I found it easy to use but the design could be much better. I will recommend it only for the fact that there is nothing else comparable on the market.
It is well known that baggage handlers can be rough at the best of times so I wanted a bag to protect the buggy. It did that, mostly. By the time I picked it up at the other end it had started to come loose and bits were at risk of falling out and getting lost.

One very easy fix for this design would be to get rid of the two drawstringed pockets at each end and just do one big one for the whole bag ensuring everything is in under the "inner bag" and the drawstring can be pulled tight over all of it then the rest of the bag done up securely over the top as usual.

If you buy this bag I suggest an additiona luggage strap to add an extra layer to hold it all together.

Some positives, you can sneak much more in there with the buggy which helps with the luggage allowance. It rolls up and stores away nice and compact.

Really practical but a questio over the handle


I bought this for our Uppababy Vista; I would have preferred the Uppababy carrier, but they seem to have supply issues to the UK, so I bought this as Mountain Buggy were able to guarantee supply at short notice, and it was also £20 cheaper and delivered for free. I'm glad we chose it, it is a really practical carrier, easily swallowing our buggy and protecting it from the rigours of baggage handlers.

It is very easy to use - with a bit of practise I can go from unpacked to fully packed in 90 seconds. My only concern is the carry handle at the top of the bag used to drag it in the wheels once packed, it does not seem to be attached as strongly as it could be, I am not sure how well it will hold up if we made extensive use of it (we will use it max 3 times a year, so hopefully it will hold up). A bit of a shame, as the rest of the bag is really well made and I would otherwise give it 5 stars, but for that I'm only giving 4 stars.


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