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Bagrider is a problem solver and offers effortless travel time for families, as it transforms from a regular carry on, into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg/33lb.

stand out features:

  • simplicity - bagrider takes the fuss out of family travel, and offers a simple solution for parents travelling with tired toddlers 
  • adaptability - bagrider offers dual functionality going from suitcase mode, to the travelling seat mode by a simple twist of a button
  • durability - safety tested to hold 15kgs the bagrider is made of true Mountain Buggy tough!(more stand out features below)
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Bagrider is a problem solver and offers effortless travel time for families, as it transforms from a regular carry on, into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg/33lb.

more stand out features:

  • Manoeuvrability - With two sets of wheels (four in total), bagrider can be easily maneuvered depending on your mode of use. Use all four when in travelling seat mode, and transform to two wheels when using as a normal carry on suitcase.
  • Safety for your child - Along with the cushioned seat liner, bagrider includes a 3-point safety harness with adjustable straps, so your little one will be safe and secure. 
  • Storage - On top of the storage that bagrider provides as a carry on suitcase, at the rear of the seat liner, there is an elasticated mesh pocket for easy to access storage, perfect for passports or phone!

Tech specs

  • 9 months* - 3 years(when child can sit unaided)
  • product weight 5kg / 11lbs
  • maximum weight 15kg / 33lb
  • dimensions 520mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 260mm (d)
    20in (h) x 15in (w) x 10in (d)
  • volume 35L
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Baby fell asleep on bagrider!


Was very happy with the Bag Rider. Easy to use and baby (15 months old) was very happy to sit and watch the world roll by, she even fell asleep while walking around airport. Make sure you read up on how to close 'bagrider' mode before use. Very happy.



I bought the bagrider as I travel alone with my 11mth old baby & it is absolutely brilliant!!! It is just what I needed & nice & compact. Makes tavelling alone so much easier. I had so many people approach me to enquire about it, it is amazing!!!

Where has this been all my life????


This was absolutely the answer to every travel problem I've ever had! On our most recent trip I traveled solo with my three year old and six month old. Not only were we the talk of the airport, but I was completely stress free as I always knew where my toddler was and didn't have to have to sacrifice a carry-on bag. No gate check, no tired toddler at the end of the trip not wanting to walk. In short the best travel product on the market! I'm sure this will get tons of use for years and years to come and I will recommend it to every person I know!

Creates a stir


We have now travelled 26 Destinations with the Mountain Buggy Rider. Our son Riley (six months) loves it, and why not?
The attention he gets keeps him very occupied. we often have a crowd of people tickling his toes and taking pictures in terminals. I was a little funny about the pictures at first but now we embrace the new terminal fame.

I often look like the all together mum strolling through security with my boarding pass handy in the Riders back pocket and a giggling baby.
The Bagrider fits perfectly down the aisle of the aircraft, thats the 777,767,747 and 737 note as long as he keeps his arms in..

Another plus, Riley weighs 11kgs so the baby Bjorn isn't an option, as I often have travelled alone with Riley, the pain in carrying him is very hard. The bag rider frees my hands, and gives my back a break. I know he is safely strapped in and won't roll while I go through check in, security and baggage drop.

The bag is study, easy to assemble and swift to push along.

Thank you for this incredible creation we love it.


Bagrider saved the day !


Having taken bagrider on the aircraft we disembarked with no delays unlike several other mums and dads waiting for the pram. Having travelled many times before most of the time you don't even get your pram at the aircraft door when you land. My 2.5 year old sat on bagrider and was very happy , I easily pushed her through the long walk and train ride at Heathrow terminal 5 (gate C) while having the new born on the sling. Great invention.

Good idea, poor execution


I bought this product when it was first released as we travel a lot with our two little ones.

It looks fantastic, however in reality it doesn't really work. The legs keep folding back in and the handle is very flimsy and doesn't stay up in the highest position. The specifications are also too big for our local airlines to take on as carry on baggage.

Maybe version two will be more up to scratch.

wonderful invention!


Takes all the stress out of travelling with a toddler. We travelled with a 2yr old and he kept asking to have a ride using this bag rider. Brilliant product.

Great concept - but bad quality


I bought this excited but was badly disappointed - I returned it .
the quality of the handle is flimsy like what you get with a cheap piece of hand luggage. with the weight of a child up to 15 Kg leaning against that handle I doubt it will last. The locking mechanism at the back of the bag was stiff and the handle kept dropping down into the case each time I tried to push it forward. The seat cushion harness for the child legs - I could not figure out how to secure it to the seat cushion, there was no instructions and most importantly of all the depth of the case is to wide for all budget airlines (at over 25cm) I checked even for some non budget airlines, So I would have only been able to use it on very limited flights - so not worth having even with the bad quality , I'm so disappointed as I was so excited by the design concept . Maybe the next version will be better, to late for me though

Works wonderful


As soon as we received the bagrider, we used it on a trip with our grandson. It was faster and made it to the gate on time. Thank you Mountain Buggy



I ordered this 14th Dec 2016 for 24th Dec travel it came in following week only took 3 business days considering christmas rush and customer service consultants were amazing and patient with my many enquiries.

One of the best purchases ive ever made. Had alot of amazed onlookerd at the airports commenting at its convenience and considering first time theyv seen something amazing like this. I love love love it. As a mum with a toddler and 3.5 yo travelling can get really difficult. Especially after we check in our pram my husband and i are left to juggle 2 large carry ons, our naughty 3yo and sooky toddler. With this suitcase we strap one in, use bagrider as 3yo carry on and leaves us adults with one each.

I can fit my kids sparr clothes, nappies, wipes, small blankets each, and an small activity bag with ipad, plane activities and their snacks for flight. When toddler wanted to walk we easily stacked our carryon on the bagrider. Easy to use, safe, convenient (push toddler from check in all way onto the plane) etc. Its wheels allows you to maneuver it anywhere even spinning on the spot. Had our passports in the back pocket for convenience or bottle for toddler. My 3yo even had a go riding.

People are asking me where to buy this because it sells itself. Its new to everyone. Parents will love this as gifts if they are regular travellers like my family.


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