cosmopolitan stroller

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Flexibility and freedom in one luxurious stroller seat

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stand out features:

  • 3-mode convertible seat: forward facing, rear facing and lie-flat
  • luxury denim exterior fabric with soft, cotton-like interior
  • lightweight - 11.9kg / 26lbs 
  • 64cm / 25" width
  • all round suspension built into rear wheel hub and front wheels
  • outstanding kerb pop! Cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution for kerb hopping around the city 
  • puncture-proof aerotech tyres 
  • easy lock-straight or swivel front wheels at the push of a button
  • drop fold with automatic frame lock 
  • compact stand fold for storage in tight spaces - keeps fabric off the ground 
  • padded tailfree harness - no excess tail straps 
  • extra large sun canopy with zip mesh extension and silent peek-a-boo flap 
  • roomy gear tray with 10kg/22lbs weight capacity 
  • fuss free fixed handle height
  • foot pedal park brake
  • 'gate' opening bumper bar - easy in and out for your child
  • suitable for newborn to 4 years, or maximum weight limit of 20kg/44lbs
  • compatible with  freerider stroller board
  • compatible with car seats using cosmopolitan car seat adapters


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Everything in one


I have had this pram for two years - from newborn to toddler it has had the flexibility, durability and the ease of use to see me through. About to have my second and have bought the scooter attachment to get me through the next two years!

Great alround pram


I love our cosmopolitan. It's best feature in my book was you didn't need a seperate bassinet, just so easy that the seat converts. It faces both ways and is easy enough to change it around (except if a child is already in it- as you need to actually lift it off). Easy to put up and dow- though a bit annoying that the seat always had to be having forwards. Great suspension, perfect on many terrains- including off road. The hood is great, blocks out the sun effectively. No real complaints. My 2 year old is just getting too big for this pram- only wish it would have lasted a bit longer. Also I've had great customer service through mountain buggy. Highly recommend :)

Stylish and convenient


This pram is stylish and convenient. It switches from sitting up right to a bassinet style cot. However, the buckles cant be moved so the newborn needs to be strapped in when using the seat as a bassinet. In addition to this you cant actually lift the bassinet out safely like a carry cot as there are no side handles. The seat also moves quite a bit. For some reason it doesnt sit firm when clicked in. The wheels are also not as versatile as they are made out to be. Walking straight is smooth but turning is not so great and even worse when there is something in the storage at the bottom. One of the main reasons i bought this pram is because i walk a lot and was hoping for something that would be smooth especially when baby is sleeping. Unfortunately the seat shakes to every little bump in the path its shocking.
Id only recommend this pram if you're going for looks and dont want to buy an extra bassinet for your pram.



I recently purchased the cosmopolitan pram and I love it! It is so practical and easy to use. It's not heavy and bulky like so many other prams on the market. I did think the shock absorbers would have been a little better however I'm still really happy with the pram and would happily recommend to others.

Perfect from new born till toddler


I loved how the seat goes into a bassinet with a few clicks. And also love the fact I could have my child facing me. The buggy folds and fits perfectly in my small Toyota. It just ticks all the boxes! And it's a stylish buggy.

Great pram


I bought the cosmopolitan 6 months ago and have had our baby in it since day one. I love it that it goes from lie flat-bassinet mode to a seated chair very easily and it can be used until he is a toddler.

Fantastic 4 wheel pram


user friendly ++. An absolute dream to push and steer around the urban environment. So easy to fold, and I love the stand fold. Super stylish! The seat is ultra-adaptable from newborn upwards. The canopy provides excellent protection from the elements. The basket is a great size. Everything is easy to clean and maintain. We also purchased the Cosmopolitan bassinet for our newborn, which is huge - if you have that you won't need any other bassinet or Moses basket! Can not fault Mountain Buggy customer service - we did have an issue but they went absolutely over and above what I could have dreamed and resolved the issue within days despite the fact that I'm regional and they were in another country.
My only regret with this one was that my very tall 2 year old is too big for the seat now!

practical with style


We love our Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan. We chose it knowing that we only needed to use the stroller for day-trips, short naps, the supermarket and walks through the park. The design is very straightforward (once you remember where to click parts, etc) and with the capsule adapter we've been able to swap between the capsule and Cosmo seat easily. The lower basket is spacious for shopping and the stroller is really ease to manoeuvre. Our little girl can nap peacefully in the seat or in the reclined setting. I love the look of the Cosmopolitan and really enjoy taking it out. With a short amount of practice I can quickly get it out the back of the car (station wagon), put it together and be on my way with the little one still sleeping (some days....). We're really happy with this purchase.

Almost Perfect


As a first time dad, I had high hopes for this stroller, and for the most part it did not disappoint. My only irks is that it does not come with a cup holder (I bought a Guzzie + Guss Universal Cup Holder separately), and that the handle bar does not adjust (however, the company seem to have improved on this with the cosmopolitan luxury addition).

Best investment ever!


I have gone through my fair share of strollers even had a bugaboo at one point and the cosmopolitan is my favourite by far love that it is a 3 in 1 with no need for any extra parts my only suggestion for the next generation mb is to make the sun shade quiet instead of clicking



fternoon, I recently purchased the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan. I decided on this one over the Urban or Swift because I like the fact that it can lay flat like a bassinet which would be perfect for my newborn and the product description made it sound like it would still have the versatility of any other MB. However, the pram itself feels so cheap and plasticky and whenever I do have my baby in laying flat it shakes quite severely and wakes my baby up. Im also having to constantly move him further up because the shaking causes him to wriggle all the way to the front making him all crammed up. Its also so hard to push on anything that isn't bitumen (grass even) which has caused me major back and shoulder pain. I have had to borrow my friends old MB Swift that is 7 years old just because I am unable to take mine anywhere. If I had of paid anything under $400 I would not be complaining but this pram cost just shy of $800 so for that much I expect a lot better quality. I don't know if the lack of quality is something that has diminished since Phil&Ted's bought the company? or if it's just because it is a "new breed" of MB and yet to be fully tried and tested

Has every feature needed in a pram


Purchased this pram a few weeks ago. I am still yet to have my baby (due early September) I am in love with my mountain buggy Cosmo from first sight. The pram has every feature that I was after. My only concern is that the seat does have a lot of movement in it. I hope this will not become a problem as the weight of a baby should stop the movement.

Very practical


I bought this in October 2014 and I am extremely happy with it. The thing about it I like best is that the seat converts from a sitting position to a bassinet. I didn't find any other carriage out there with this feature.

OK but not that practical


I bought this 4 months ago before my son's birth after a long research. It is a good stroller for the money you spent on. I purchased the travel system so I have the car seat as well and I bought the new bassinet. My only problem is that you have to be a juggler to be able to take the bassinet out of the frame. You have to press 2 bottoms on the 2 sides at the same time while lifting the bassinet up (with your 3rd hand). Once the bassinet is in there is no way to reach the basket underneath to put your bag and stuff there. I'm looking forward to see how that works with the seat in. Overall great price for an OK stroller

Best all-in-one stroller


I've been using this stroller for almost two years now and had no issues with it!! it's a quality stroller with adequate space for the child... I like the idea that you can switch from basinet to stroller without much hassle

Space saver


Push - very easy
comfort - very comfortable for Child
best feature - saves a lot of space one piece seat - no need to store the bassinet the bassinet turns into the seat

Finally I found the stroller!


My husband and I have researched strollers for months. This was the most important purchase for use as we want it to last a long time and not have 3 or 4 strollers like many of our friends. It was light a ray of light shone on this stroller in the store, it is perfect. It has everything we want, all terrain, suspension, flippable seat, beautiful and comfy fabrib, light to push, eash to fold and beautiful!! I am so happy we found it and can't wait for our baby to try it out:)

Amazing Versatile Pram!


I brought this pram 11 months ago before our now nearly 10 month old was born, have loved it front the start, love how it is verstile - faces me and faces out, is a bassinet and a seat in one and has hard wheels - exactly what I was looking for in a pram, still going strong and love it everyday!



This is the most versatile pram/stroller at the most reasonable price- and as an added bonus the denim exterior is super stylish. I loved the way I could clip on my Maxi-Cosi capsule for transferring between car/house and pram as well as have the seat fold out into a cosy bassinet when my son was a newborn. As he got older and wanted to look around it was great to have both mum- and world-facing options that were so easily interchangeable. We walk a lot so the fact that the Cosmopolitan - although mostly a city pram - is sturdy enough to 'off-road' with was great. I also loved that I could collapse it with one hand when in front facing stroller mode and it was compact enough to fit into my small hatch-back boot. Now that we're expecting #2 any day we've opted to stick with Mountain Buggy (the Duet) after having such a good experience first time around!

Awesome stroller!


I've had this stroller for 1.5 years and really love it. It is so easy to use! I love how the shade unzips to extend and offer more sun / wind protection. I can steer this stroller with one hand; it's a nice smooth ride. I live in Canada and this stroller easily navigated through snow-covered parking lots and sidewalks. The bassinet conversion was so easy and comfortable for my little one to sleep in when she was a baby. I would definitely recommend this stroller to a friend!

Perfect Stroller


What first attracted me to the cosmopolitan was the fact the seat converted into a bassinet - no need to buy an extra carrycot plus it means your little one isn't always in a car seat. It converts to the bassinet easily - just unclip 2 straps and recline the seat. The stroller is also really easy to fold and unfold, isn't too heavy, has a fantastic sized basket, sturdy all terrain wheels and most importantly looks great!

Great Stroller


I really wanted a pram but didn't want to be stuck with a bassinet once my baby was older. I love that this stroller is all of these things in one. It is very easy to maneuver and it very cute!

Easy To Assemble & Use, and GORGEOUS


As a first time Mom, I went completely overboard with researching a stroller for my little one. I decided - after comparing pretty much every stroller on the market - on the MB Cosmopolitan b/c of its versatility & ease of use. It works with the car seat as well as a bassinet-style buggy and regular stroller all rolled nicely into one. I love that the seat can be front or rear facing and how smooth & maneuverable it is. Not to mention that the fabric & overall style of the stroller is both minimal and gorgeous. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best investment for their little one.



This is by far the best pram ever!! I have had this pram for about 8 months, easy to steer no matter what your doing, the added suspension helps with uneven surfaces and makes it a dream to push around absolutely everywhere, it's great for normal walks and even better for hiking. Cleaning and maintaining the pram is a breeze. The best part is how easy it is to get parts if you need or if you want to store it away in good condition. The pram compacts quite small making it easy to get in and out of a boot, it is extremely simple to fold down, a touch of the buttons on the side and one on the handle and it's done. This pram is well worth the $$$. I would not trade it!! Hope this helps you out :)

It's simply beautiful


I'm absolutely in love with the cosmopolitan. The style first caught my eye and I had to have it. It great for around the shops, and going off the path to grassy and gravelly areas. The seat is really easy to take off and put into the different modes. The fold is a simple process and intuitive. It's a bit bigger than I expected but the style and function of it makes up for it. It's a good quality buggy that can handle more than you'd expect. It's a real MB - only more pretty.

It's simply beautiful


I'm absolutely in love with the cosmopolitan. The style first caught my eye and I had to have it. It great for around the shops, and going off the path to grassy and gravelly areas. The seat is really easy to take off and put into the different modes. The fold is a simple process and intuitive. It's a bit bigger than I expected but the style and function of it makes up for it. It's a good quality buggy that can handle more than you'd expect. It's a real MB - only more pretty.

Awesome stroller


We decided to upgrade to the Cosmopolitan after having used a hand-me-down Urban with our 1st baby. We loved our Urban, but wow! The Cosmopolitan was just as good in terms of manuevrability (something the Urban is famous for), but I felt a million bucks pushing this thing. We'll keep our Urban for off-roading, but the Cosmopolitan is my new stroller of choice!

wonderful stroller, worth every penny!


We received this stroller after owning several others, and prefer this one by far! It maneuvers incredibly smoothly (you can even operate it with just one hand, which is not something any of our other strollers can do). It is very attractive -- we get compliments on it all the time. We also really love the fact that we could use it with our infant son right away due to the lie flat feature, and that it is SO easy to switch it to another mode quickly and easily!

Amazing except for winter


I love it, easy to use even with public transport, very versatile, rides great in all terrain except winter. I live in the city and this stroller does no ride over “slush” at all. Even at 1 cm all the snow piles up on the two front wheels which makes it impossible to stroll. But I’ll carry the tike during winter or wait for days where the side walk is clear. Purchased this for all terrain, but will make due with what we have, not in budget to buy another.


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