urban jungle, terrain and +one bassinet

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Convert your stroller to a bassinet style pram with the lie-flat baby carrycot - just click in, and rest on the go!

Not currently available in this region.


stand out features: 

  • simple click attachment system
  • rear facing - watch your baby watching you
  • snug and safe with padded mattress and sides
  • lie-flat - ideal for a growing baby
  • adjustable sunhood for all weather protection
  • storm cover included
  • freestanding for use off the buggy
  • couple with the  carrycot stand  to create a baby rest station
  • suitable for newborns to 6 month old babies 

Stroller frame and wheels are not included with this carrycot, it is designed to fit with your  urban jungle terrain  or  +one  stroller.

Great Bassinet!


This was perfect for both of my son's to sleep in as new born babies. They were very cosy and secure and the sun hood is great to keep the light out, even inside.

It fits very securing into the stroller and we used it as our son's bed inside for their first few months.

It isn't the easiest to get onto the stroller though, as it takes a bit of a balancing act to get it into the right place, which can be a pain if you are using it for outside and inside use so need to keep taking it off the stroller. Also, whether on the stroller, or on a stand, the handles kind of get in the way a lot and don't really provide much useful functionality as I never found it comfortable to carry it with the handles.

Despite this, it was still great for us!



This was given to me as a gift and at first I considered it more of a luxury accessory. Then I had my baby and realized how amazing this product really is. My baby was born in September and now we go out on daily walks in Canadian winter in all conditions for little one to have his naps. The carry cot along with the rain cover protects our baby from all of the elements and his face and hands are warm when we get home, even when it's way below freezing. It is very easy to attach and detach from the Urban Jungle so we leave stroller on the front porch and just carry the carry cot inside so we don't track snow and mud into the house. In addition, we use it as a bed when we travel to visit friends and relatives. It is also longer than many bassinets so my 4-month-old who is in the 97th percentile for height is still able to use this product with heaps of room to spare!

Used a lot


We bought this for our first child and he slept in it as well until we moved him to a crib when he 4 months old. Easy to take in and out of the stroller and comfortable. Our 2nd used it as well.


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