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Maximum control, maximum performance - the #1 Mountain Buggy all terrain jogger. Challenge the unknown.

"Love this buggy! As an avid runner prior to having my first baby, I was anxious to get back out on the road. The Terrain was the perfect solution for me and my baby. I have friends with Bob's but after testing both I felt like the Terrain was the superior product! I am beyond happy with my choice - highly recommended!" - Christine, terrain owner

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stand out features:

  • hand operated active buggy brake - complete control
  • 3 mode front wheel and tracking device - lock back/forward and full swivel control
  • slim frame at just 63cm / 25" wide
  • lightweight - 13.5kg / 29lbs
  • automatic frame lock - an instant click when folding
  • tailfree harness - clever and tidy with no excess tail straps
  • 'gate opening' bumper bar for easier access in & out of the main seat
  • zip seat fabric, on and off the buggy frame
  • 16" wheels - all purpose tread for absolute traction
  • 12" wheel pack  available for travel and the city adventure
  • aircraft grade lightweight aluminium
  • shock absorbing suspension
  • 600 denier polyester with PU coating. H20 and fade resistant, wipe clean and breathable
  • follow-the-sun adjustable sunhood with flick out sun visor
  • complete with 2 bottle holders
  • adjustable buggy seat position from upright to full recline for newborn
  • compact fold with quick release wheels
  • compatible with Mountain Buggy  terrain carrycot  
  • compatible with car seats using terrain car seat adaptors
  • suitable for newborn to 5 years, or maximum seat load of 25kg / 55lbs
  • globally safety certified 

We love our mountain buggy.


We did have some trouble when we first got it. The front wheel was leaning to one side and the customer service people were excellent. eventually, they replaced our buggy and now it works perfect. Regarding the function of the stroller, we are very happy. both my wife and i use the park for a total of 5-6 runs per week and we use it every day as a standard stroller. we have easily put a few hundred miles on it. The buggy has been comfortable for our child since she was three months old. the pockets and storage that come come standard are perfect to have you well prepared for a run. the visor adjusts easily midrun and can shield the baby from all directions. We live in riverdale new york and do most of our runs at van cortland park. it is ideal because it is a 1.4mile track with long stretches of dirt/gravel. the buggy does very well on the track as well as off the track and in the grass. We have a steep hill to get to the track and the brakes work great. we are able to stand and use a normal stride despite holding the buggy as we go down the hill. We often compare our stroller to others at the park. There are only two comparable strollers - the BOB and the baby jogger summit. We stand by our decision to get the mountain buggy. that being said there are some notable differences. the pivoting wheel in the front of teh mountain buggy makes for a much easier ride and better control on turns. you can easily push it with one hand, with complete control. we tend to use the wheel locked in the rear position rather than forward because steering is easier. The bob does not seem as easy to steer and comes with less standard features (drink holder etc) but does have a strap attached to the lower wheel so that if you fall, the stroller wont fall back. this has never happenned to us, but it is a nice feature. the baby jogger also does not have as many standard features and does not have the pivoting front wheel, but it does have the best folding mechanism. we tend to leave ou stroller at home and when we take it any where it fits easily into our car, but if you needed to keep it collapsed alot, the baby jogger may be worth considering. one last feature that is great in the mountain buggy is the ability to lay the baby back. the reclining mechanism is simple and if you notice the baby is falling asleep, you can recline her easily without waking her. again, we love our stroller and use it alot. we would recommend it to anyone.

Mountain Buggy is all around AWESOME!


I bought this stroller after reading a ton of reviews online and in running magazines. And after multiple discussions with my wife since this stroller is a bit on the pricey side. If you're a runner and you are looking for an excellent stroller this is the one. I usually run with this 3 times a week and love how easy it is to use. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. The adjustments are easy to make this a very comfortable stroller for you and you baby. I have ran for 2 hours at a time with my daughter and she has never been uncomfortable or even thrown a fit about being in this stroller for that long. One of the major selling points for me was that newborns can ride in this stroller since it can recline totally flat. Most jogging strollers say a child should be 6 months old. The stroller is very light and rolls easily. We also purchased a fleece pad that goes in the stroller to make it softer and a sun shade to keep the rays off the baby in the morning. All in all this stroller is the peak of the mountain as far as I am concerned. Now on to what has really impressed me about this company. My stroller arrived in sealed packaging and appeared to be in perfect condition. After I assembled the stroller and took it out for a test run I noticed some paint chipping around the front fork. After closer inspection it appeared that my stroller was starting to rust. I contacted New Egg (this is who I bought the stroller through) and they had me contact Mountain Buggy since this was a warranty issue. You do your initial claim online. I had two emails from Mountain Buggy, one a personal email from my claim representative, in about 30 minutes. In about an hour I was contacted by phone to discuss my issue, pictures were sent via email and my claim was finalized. By that evening Mountain Buggy called again to say that I would be receiving a new frame and wheel in the mail within the week. I tried telling the representative that I felt I could just replace the part that was rusted and felt a whole new frame was not necessary. He informed me that they will not replace a part if they feel that average housewife could not replace it with very basic tools. I received my new frame in less than a week. I have been contacted multiple times to make sure all is well with my purchase since and would without a doubt purchase Mountain Buggy items in the future.

THIS is the best jogging stroller! Can use with newborn :)


I did a lot of research before purchasing this stroller (my job is to sift through medical research, and I took this just as seriously). I wanted a stroller with the following: * Hand brake * Shock absorbers * Height-adjustable handles * Large. pneumatic tires * Use for a newborn with out an adapter/other devices * Quality I first heard about Mountain Buggy strollers when I saw someone using one while I was jogging (pregnant) through the Hollywood Hills. They raved about it and I found that it did have everything that I needed. I started using it when my baby was about 1 month old with a pillowy infant insert (head support) that I had for her car seat, but you wouldn't need to use that since it goes completely flat and does hold an infant in securely. Get the Valco Baby stroller lights to put on the sides--they are awesome with this stroller.

Everything I wanted!


The Mountain Buggy Terrain has been everything and more I have wanted and needed it to be. It's so easy to push and maneuver on any surface. It is so slick to run with and my baby falls asleep every time he rides in it. What could be better?

Wonderful Customer Service


Not only was the stroller awesome but so was the customer service. I had an issue with the my stroller and the company immediately made it right to fix it with now hassle. Awesome service and product!

Terrain for serious runners


Before my daughter was born, I spent many hours researching jogging strollers. She is my fourth child, and I've been through several joggers as they have evolved over the last decade. I am a serious runner, who competes regularly in long distance races. So I needed something to keep up with my training program. The Terrain has not disappointed. I have used it regularly with my daughter since she was able to come along for the ride. The front wheel locks in place, but has a small amount of wiggle room for uneven pavement or grass. Other than occasional shaking, when the front wheel needs a moment to restabilize after a bump, the ride is extremely smooth. There are 2 pockets for my water bottles, and plenty of storage underneath for blankets and toys--even the occasional quick trip to the grocery store. You can easily stash a small bag of groceries underneath, or cover up your goods from a splash of rain with the zippered pockets. The handle bar adjusts, so that different drivers can all push comfortably. And for storage, the back wheels pop off with an easy 1-2-3. What's best, and what you won't find in competitors like the Bob, is that the seat reclines fully, so that you can take your little one out before she can sit up (check with your pediatrician of course!). Using the fully flat seat also means that your babe can sleep soundly from a very young age in the comfort of the 5-point harness, and you don't have to worry about the dreaded head droop that can happen when they snooze. Note: I also purchased the carrycot, or bassinet, which attaches quite nicely to the frame, so that I was using the Terrain as soon as baby was born. This was a tremendous addition, as it made walks through the neighborhood a dream. And when baby slept she could do so undisturbed in the very portable and very cozy carry cot. The customer service is also excellent. When I had issues with the front wheel, I contacted MB online, and they wrote back with detailed instructions about how to adjust the tension in the "bush nut cap," so that the ride would be continuously smooth. This is what I learned: The terrain is outfitted with about 5 degrees of play in the front wheel in the locked mode. This intended "play" is designed into the front wheel for a couple of reasons: 1. This allows the pusher to manipulate the stroller's direction slightly to keep a straight track on uneven terrain by applying side-pressure to the handlebar. This is also good for making slight arcs in travel to pass slower walkers on a paved path without lifting the front. 2. On uneven terrain (all-terrain), a degree of play is needed to keep the stroller tracking straight. Like in all gravity sports (skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.) a fluid and relaxed steering mechanism allows the body-in-motion to better follow the intended vector. Other jogging strollers out there, like the Baby Jogger, use a totally fixed front wheel. This is intended for running on smooth terrain, in a straight line. Whenever ANY manipulation in direction needs to be made, the front wheel will have to be lifted off the ground, an experience that I had with my two previous joggers, which were all made by Baby Jogger. We also tested the Terrain this summer on our cross country driving trip. Not only did it fold up compactly enough so that we could fit it and our four children in our mid-size SUV, it handled the trails in various National Parks like a dream. We took it up and down mountainsides in the Tetons, narrow switch backs in Bryce, and uneven terrain in Zion. If you want a stroller that can tackle any terrain and fold up when you're on the road, the Mountain Buggy Terrain is your best ride. ****The only reason that I didn't give the stroller 5 stars, is that they refuse to include the pump with the stroller. It may seem like a small issue, but as you do need to keep the tires fully pumped for a smooth ride, it would make sense for the manufacturer to include the small and relatively inexpensive hand pump in the cost of this pricey stroller.

Awesome multi-use stroller!


I LOVE this stroller. Initially, I bought it to get back in shape which it's obviously very helpful for. However, this has quickly taken over our other strollers and the primary one. It is so easy to steer, rolls over all kinds of terrain (muddy fairgrounds, beach, boardwalk, etc. etc.) and we usually take only this stroller with us when going anywhere. At first I was a little nervous about the lack of storage, but it is actually much bigger than it seems. Additionally, you can hang your bag over the handle as it's so sturdy, it won't tip over (within reason). My son loves to sit in the stroller and watch everything go by and I can tell this will be used for a very long time in our family. The price is worth it on this one- it lasts, it's well made and you won't regret buying it!

What a great stroller!


We spent a lot of time researching strollers before our son was born. We knew that we wanted a jogging stroller that would stand the test of time and fit easily in our Outback. After much deliberation, we decided on the Mountain Buggy Terrain, and what a great decision it was! The Terrain is a VERY sturdy stroller, and our son seems so comfortable and secure in it. It folds up nicely and fits easily in the back of our car. If we take the back wheels off, we can also fit it in our car top carrier. The Terrain glides so smoothly on any surface and turns on a dime. We like that the front wheel has the ability to lock or swivel, and the hand brake is a MUST for us since we live in the mountains. The storage is plentiful, and I like that the bottom cargo area has a zippered mesh cover to prevent items from spilling out during high-speed and/or bumpy trips. When we first started using our stroller, we had the car seat adapter attached, which allowed us to stroll with our son when he was too small to sit in the main stroller seat. The car seat adapter is a bit tricky to get on and off, but it's nice that we had the ability to go on small adventures early on. Although we were a bit uncertain about spending so much on a stroller at first, we are now very glad we invested the extra money to get such an outstanding ride. Also, with the versatility of the Terrain, we didn't need to buy another stroller for non-exercise purposes - it is just as good in the store as it is on the trail! The Terrain was definitely worth the money and will last for years to come.

Horsing around


Owning horses and going to competitions, we needed a buggy that could cope with sand arenas to mud to horse poo, while not slacking on any of the comforts for our bubba. The big wheels kept themselves clean by not trapping all the goop. Also around town its easy to monuvere and is an extension of my hand bag... so many places to keep things :)

Great Buggy


Love this buggy! As an avid runner prior to having my first baby, I was anxious to get back out on the road. The Terrain was the perfect solution for me and my baby. I have friends with Bob's but after testing both I felt like the Terrain was the superior product! I am beyond happy with my choice - highly recommended!

Seriously smooth for running


The Mountain Buggy Terrain is seriously an amazing stroller for running/jogging or just general around the town errands. We seriously love it. The design is clean and sharp and the very generous sunshade is SUCH a nice feature to keep the kiddo comfortable. Turning is butter smooth and when I run downhill there's no wobble or any issues whatsoever. It handles like a dream. I love this stroller and so does my kiddo, she even asks to go for rides in it!

Cannot run with it due to intense shaking from the poor tracking of the front wheel


Every time we try to run (we've tried with the wheel in all 3 positions) it shakes violently. I emailed MB and they wrote instructions for adjusting the tracking of the front wheel which my husband tried. It still doesn't work. My husband's new theory is to buy leg weights and wrap them around the front of the stroller to see if making it heavier in the front helps, but I already find this stroller too heavy! I'm so frustrated that I can't run with my $500 stroller! Buy a BOB!

I'm obsessed with my Terrain.


If you are in the market for a stroller, OMG I LOVE my Mountain Buggy Terrain! I was already obsessed with it but today we put it to a serious test- we hit the reservoir & it was SO smooth on ice, in mud, over the snow, going up and down grassy hills- you name it, we trudged through it and the kiddo got a smooth ride. Best wheels I've ever had! I'm so glad to have found this stroller- I love it more every day!


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