terrain stroller

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stand out features: 

  • one hand fast fold with hidden automatic frame lock
  • retractable leg extention and longer seat back
  • smaller compact stand fold
  • your essential accessories here (more stand out features below)
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CAD699.99 Disponible dès maintenant. 7-10 days for delivery

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The ultimate premium jogger that delivers optional performance to families who really want to get active on and off the road!

more stand out features: 

  • reversible liner for your stroller included
  • adjustable crotch strap
  • 2 new fashion colours
  • softer, durable fabrics, wipe clean, H20 and fade resistant

features you already love:

  • outstanding kerb pop! navigate city terrain with ease
  • hand brake for controlled slowing down 
  • foot pedal park brake for a complete stop
  • 3 mode front wheel and tracking device - lock back/forward and full swivel control
  • zip seat fabric, on and off the stroller frame
  • shock absorbing rear suspension
  • adjustable stroller seat position from upright to full recline for newborn
  • globally safety certified 

what's in the box:

  • lightweight aluminium frame
  • 2 x 16" air-filled, all purpose wheels for absolute traction and 1 x 12" air-filled wheel
  • 12" active to urban rear wheel pack
  • zip seat fabric, on and off the buggy frame, with intuitive 5-point buckle with tail free harness
  • sunhood with silent magnetic peek-a-boo flap on sunhood, and storage pockets
  • 10kg / 22lbs capacity gear tray with storage pockets
  • reversible seat liner
  • gate opening' bumper bar for easier access in & out of the main seat
  • 2 x bottle holders


Tech specs

  • weight - 28.4lbs
  • width - 24.8"
  • stand fold dimensions - 36.6 x 24.8 x 15.3"
  • age range - newborn to 5 years (or up to 55lbs)


  • CUSTOM FIT! mountain buggy urban jungle storm and sun cover set

    urban jungle & terrain all weather cover set

    protection, 365 days a year
  • A MUST HAVE! mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection nautical fitted with food tray

    mountain buggy food tray

  • 50% OFF mountain buggy chocolate universal travel buggy bag to make travel easy

    universal travel bag

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  • A MUST BUY! Mountain Buggy bagrider side on


  • WHEELS LIGHT UP! 1200x1200_conn_included

    NEW freerider stroller board

  • SPACIOUS & LIGHT! mountain buggy terrain 3 wheeler all terrain stroller solus duffel bag

    parenting bags

    satchel and duffel
  • JUST IN CASE! mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

Great running pram


We recently bought a Terrain to replace a x3 Summit. Great pram just a few little annoyances.
Pro's It's a more robust pram. Nicer fabrics. It's much thinner than the x3 so easier to negotiate when running. The adjustable handle is really good. Handle shape is great. Foot clearance is great. Also the two sets of wheels is a master stroke.

Cons the handle grip material twists around the frame when you grip it. The viewing window is in completely the wrong spot to watch your baby unless your right over the top which you can never be if your running. You have to lift the back section of the sun shade to keep an eye on the child. The 4 point clip is really versatile but a bit annoying.

Greatest Stroller!


We've had this for over a year now and absolutely love it! We have a german shepherd and a 16 month old, so we hit the trails on a daily basis and this stroller still looks brand new. The fabric is great and just wipes off so nicely. We could go out and get really muddy and come home and just wipe it down with a wet cloth and its clean again! The tires and suspension handle sticks, curbs and rocks like a dream! Defiantly highly recommended!

It's absolutely brilliant


I bought it a month ago and I absolutely love it, it's really easy to push and my doughter loves it

smooth riding stroller and great customer service


I am so happy with my mountain buggy stroller! It not only has significant storage space, but moves very smoothly while walking, jogging, and running. My daughter is very comfortable whether she is napping or playing. I have also had a wonderful experience when contacting customer service.

Love the different wheels


It was so easy to put together and transport. I love that it comes with different wheels for different terrains. It's very light and so easy to push around. And the ride is so streamlined and smooth. I love my stroller. Can't wait to start using it at Baby Boot Camp!

Slightly disappointed


I got given this as a gift by my mother in March. I have used it over the past 8months at least 2 times every day and mostly at the park and a near by forest. The bassinet was great but felt the forward facing option a little unsupported. The traditional seat is great too and my wee boy loves it! Super easy to get him in and out of. But the everyday things that I find super frustrating with the design is the back wheels and breaks. Every pebble/stone you find on your walk/run will find its way into the axel cavity and continues to rattle (to the point that I’ve had people stop in the street and ask what the noise is). So then you have stop, remove the wheels, shake it out and put the wheel back on... just to walk another meter and have the same thing happen again. (I just walk around now with a continuous rattle, drives my husband nuts but our wee boy doesn’t seem to mind lol). My other pet peeve with this pram are the breaks, unlike the standard MB the main break system is by your feet. And it’s near impossible to use if you don’t have covered shoes on. So if you have slipped you sandals on for a quick stroll or are at the beach you will need to reach down and use your hands to turn the breaks on, making your hands really dirty. There is a bike style break on the handle bar but to be honest, personally I find it pointless unless running down hill. It also lost screw pretty early on and I find it continuously scratches the skin off my hand (easy to do when juggling the dog on the lead with my other hand). So in conclusion I could love this pram but wouldn’t opt for the Terrain, just get the standard MB the extras don’t out way the everyday negatives. And I wish I had a standard MB!

Fantastic stroller


I purchased the Terrain stroller six weeks ago and I am so pleased I did. It is very easy to manoeuvre and the hand brake is really useful. I take my daughter for walks along the river and it handles so easily over uneven ground. It has many features which just make it easy to use - adjustable height handlebar, two different wheel sizes, easy on/off back wheels, easy fold - and I really like that my daughter sits up higher than in other strollers.



Love the way it handles and the option for bigger wheels allowing for some "off strolling". Our baby loved being high fived by mountain bikers when on a trail strolling along some bumps!
love the rain cover and sleep bag for colder weather especially when out with non-walking baby- easy to put them in out and no need for shoes, bunting suits etc!.

All round great stroller.


Best stroller we have ever owned (and we have had many bugaboo/bob/maclaren/city stroller). I have 4 boys and they are vERY hard on their strollers! The stroller is light but sturdy and my son is beyond comfy! Great side ways bounce for soothing at nap time. Easy to fold and light to get in car. Great for city, off road and beach. I would 100% recommend this stroller.



I looked at buying a terrain a few years ago but decided to leave it as the model back then didn't have an adjustable handlebar and I'm short while my husband is tall. So glad I waited. The new model has all the features I need. I love the drink holders and the easy folding. The harness is much easier to use than our last pram and most importantly this pram is great off road. We now live in the country and have lots of bumpy roads around. Now I can get out and get some exercise!

Awesome running stroller!


I did TONS of stroller research and chose the terrain for our new son. I could not be happier! We live in NYC where the sidewalks can be surprisingly rough and this stroller handles dips, bumps, and curbs very well. In the park, it pushes easily on grass or dirt paths, even in the rain. Winter is approaching and I am confident snow will not be an issue. I've just started using it for running and find it to be easy to push and a smooth ride for our son. As far as I could tell, the terrain is one of the few running strollers with a bassinet option. The bassinet is large and safe for overnight sleeping, which are huge perks. If you don't mind a sporty (but clean) look, this could easily be your only stroller for every day use. We have this and then something smaller/lighter for travel.

Good for off road. Rubbish tyres.


I found this buggy easy to push and manoeuvre particularly on difficult terrain. Good in wide open space in New Zealand but bit big for London transport. Very disappointed with the tyres. I just brought my my second set in 13 months because the tread is worn through again and I'm not an excessive buggy user as often use a carrier. Costly having to spend £30 replacing the tyres every 6 months.

We love it - great for tall people


My partner and I are both tall - 5'11 and 6'4 so looked around for strollers that would suit us. We ended up deciding on the terrain and we love it. It's easy to adjust the handle for us or for the kids to push their baby brother, it can be used on the beach, it's easy to collapse and put in the boot, the underneath area is perfect for a couple of bags of groceries or veges if we walk to the shops. I can't say enough great things about it!

Awesome Stroller!


I received this stroller as a gift on my registry and I love it! I am just waiting for my baby to come in November so I can push him around and really see how well it handles. I am curious to see how easy it will be to travel with because it is a decent-sized stroller, but I have an SUV so I am not too worried about that. The brakes are kind of squeaky right now but I am going to see if I can find a way to fix that before the baby comes.

"Jeep" for my LO.


I bought the Terrain 5 months ago, it's quite big, but functioning very well. Super for off-road trips. My son is quite happy with his "Jeep". Considering travelling, I also bought a Nano a week ago, it's perfect now. If you love sports and outdoor activities, the Terrain is perfect!

For city and country life


After so much researching, we're so glad we picked the Terrain. Living in London, we wanted something small and light enough to take on the busses and tube, but resilient and tough enough to take on country walks, as well as comfortable for jogging. Seems to tick all three! Would recommend.

very happy


great product, my little one loves it, easy to assemble when it arrived

Absolutely Love!


My husband and I are both pretty outdoorsy people. We're city dwellers that never give up a chance to leave town and go on an adventure. The MBTerrain was perfect for us! It is clean and sleek enough for us to take around Chicago but also handles heavy terrain well. It was super easy for us to pop on the larger tires, air them down, and go on a hike when we're out of the city. Our little guy loves to see what's going on and the seat sits up far enough for him. The flat recline is great too. He's fallen asleep fully reclined as if he was in bed.



I haven't used it with my baby because we got it a month before she is due. However, just using it around the house and comparing it to other high end running strollers, I would say this is built WAY better. Very sturdy and well made. I think I made the best choice!

Love this pram


Bought this pram for my first baby and I love it! One of my favorite purchases out of all my baby gear.

Couldn't be happier


Lots of research went into choosing the Mountain Terrain Buggy as it was a gift from, me, Granma, to my newborn Grandson and his parents, and I wanted to get it right! I did, in leaps and bounds. The buggy is everything it was rated to be and more. Living in rugged terrain with bumpy, rocky tracks to traverse and sandy beaches along which to jog, it has proved to be capable of mastering all. Baby is so content,snuggled in the sleeping bag, and safely ensconced in the carrycot. And off they go. Mom and Dad are delighted and I am basking in the glory of a choice well made. Packing the buggy into the car, setting it up to go shopping, or even taking it into a restaurant for a meal are all so easy. It has incredible manouevering capabilities, can just about turn on a dime , and all the features, such as the adjustable handle, the two sizes of wheels, make it so versatile for all situations.
Moreover, from carrycot at infancy, it will progress for years to come as the buggy, and will undoubtedly give my grandson years of fun being pushed along by his parents, as well I know. Thank you, Mountain Buggy!

Very good buggy


I bought this a little while ago and had to wait 3-4 weeks for it to come back into stock. The staff were relatively good about letting me know when delivery would be. I bought it after having a city mini 3 wheeler and then a lightweight Mark 2 maclaren as my 20 month old son was nearing the 15kg weight limit (he's 98th percentile!) for the maclaren and I hated the city mini (husbands choice!). I wanted something that would be my final buggy so the 25kg weight limit of the terrain was very attractive. I do quite a bit of hiking on holidays (at the ehrwalder alm bahn in ehrwald, Austria I borrowed one from the lift station courtesy of the lift owner Herr Denk and it was brilliant) and enjoy going for long walks at home so the big wheels are great. I've had one puncture so far (a big thorn!) which was partly my fault as I think I'd let the tyres go a bit flat. The easy fold mechanism is great and amazingly it does fit in my small Toyota Yaris car boot without having to take the wheels off! It is very manoeuvrable and the wheels are easy to change over.

My son can push the bumper bar off quite easily so I've had to use a couple of Velcro ties to keep it in place. I also think the harness is quite small - especially the waist rather than the shoulders. I did find it difficult to do up when he had a thick winter coat on. Not sure how I'll increase the harness size and my son is quite slim, just tall! I also think the harness could do with a bit more padding to make it more comfortable.

All that being said, it is a great buggy, I wish I'd had it right from the start, would have been a good investment! I believe the 2nd resale value is pretty good too!



If you enjoy hiking this is the buggy for you. Unbelievable easy to use really well made

Mountain Buggy Terrain - All terrain proof!!!!


Been sooo happy about my MB Terrain! I used it on the beach, int he woods, in the snow, it is fantastic! I am very active and I cannot be happier about this jogging / sporty stroller!!! My baby loves it, and it is so easy to push and maneuver! Also very easy to fold! I just love love love it!

My Second Terrain


We first brought the terrain in 2013 for our first born, and then again in 2015 for our second born. Needless to say we loved it so much we wanted another one! They are a great buggy for beaching/walking/running and general use. A little disappointed that the accessories we had purchased in 2013 were not compatible with the 2015 model (the carseat adapter in particular).

Even better than expected


I bought this stroller after looking at a number of other high end strollers and still rave about it. It is light, collapses easily, steers unbelievably well and is very comfortable for the kids. It has been on airplanes and boats, been hiking in northern terrain, been shopping in crazy malls at the holidays, and been part of a daily commute in a metropolitan city. It has never let me down. Easily carried down metro stairs when the lift was out of service. Easy to push through snow. I also bought the sleeping bag that fits in and have used it in the stroller for our winter commutes and out of the stroller when camping. Love this stroller.

Best on market


This buggy is the best for running. The manoeuvrability is excellent and it suits all heights of runners. Buggy lies flat so newborns are quite comfortable. Easy to fold and store.

poussette idéale pour la vie en station de ski


Poussette idéale pour la montagne. Nous habitons en station de ski et nous avons comparé multiples modèles avant de choisir la terrain de moutain buggy.
Ultra maniable, avec ses grosses roues il est facile de monter/descendre les trottoirs comme les escaliers.
Dotée d'accessoires tels que les portes bouteilles ou encore la grande poche, elle permet de transporter suffisamment daffaires.
Le guidon réglable facilement permet d'ajuster la conduite à tout moment (pratique lorsqu on est en côte)

We love our Terrain!


We love our terrain. We use it for jogging but it's also great for a Canadian winter! I also like the it has all the attachment feature that the Uppa Baby or Bugaboo's have. So it's good for a newborn, but also a toddler and not just a jogging stroller. We are happy with our purchase. My son is now 40 lbs and 2.5 y/o and it's a good sturdy stroller for him.

My only con, would be that I wish it had a bigger basket for storage/shopping and then it would be perfect!

Love the stroller!


Recently purchased the terrain stroller, way better looking than I expected. Haven't used it yet (baby arriving in two weeks) but already really satisfied, it's so easy to put together or pull apart, one click folding to fit in the car. Love it!

Mountain Buggy Terrain Does it ALL


I bought this stroller recently after weeks of research. I tried out the BOB but the features of this stroller surpass that one easily. Used this stroller for short runs on pavement and on trails and it handles like a pro. The fact that it comes with the smaller wheels additionally helps to make it an everyday stroller for use at the park and at the mall. Quality of all products used is excellent. The one step fold was a huge sell for us. So simple and easy to load. The handle provides a great place to grab unlike the BOB which was a two step fold and didn't stand upright requiring two hands to lift. Terrain is a solid choice. You can't go wrong!

Urban Jungle Legacy


Found it to fold up small enough for a Honda Fit trunk. My sister has one and I used it to push my niece and nephew over the years and no complaints. Fell in love with it and now have my own. Have been using it for a month (15 uses or so) and only complaint is dirt spraying off wheels in the rain.



I had heard great things about Mountain Buggy prams and have been really disappointed with the Terrain Stroller which I purchased new in September 2016. It was great to begin with but within 6 months the sun shade was bent from general wear and tear, both large running wheels had blown out (which require re-purchase) as had the smaller wheels (both also required re-purchasing). I do run and walk a lot but that is why I bought the terrain!

The new tires that arrived don't sit flush (there is some internal rubbing which I haven't quite got to the bottom of) which seems to be just generally poor manufacturing. I believe Mountain Buggy used to be top quality and I thought this product would definitely see me through two kids but it will barely even get me though my first one! Something seems to be going very wrong as I received a poor quality pram for an expensive price.

Amazing product!


I bought this about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It has amazing handling and it so easy to put together and fold up and down! It is good for power walking/running because it is sturdy on the outdoor terrain.
My 7 week old baby fits nicely when the seat is inclined as well! :)



I bought this pram online, the service was fantastic and the pram delivered within a couple of days! Love it so far.

Excellent Quality


This is my second mountain buggy (8 years between baby's !) and I absolutely love it! I live in a semi rural location and the terrain is perfect for running on our local tracks. It is very manuverable and a smooth ride for bub.

BEST Stroller Out There!


We've owned this for 3 years now! Love, love, love! Best suspension. My husband is 6'8" and the adjustable handle is perfect for the both of us. Perfect for running, zoo trips, shopping, you name it!

The monster truck of strollers :)


Heavy, but for good reason. A great sporty choice.

MB Terrain


I'm happy with my MB terrain. It feels a little wobbly on rough pavement-I wish it felt a little more sturdy. It would be hard to run with it on the roads near our home. Great basket storage. We purchased the bassinet attachment and love it.

Love everything about this stroller.


I bought this stroller when my second child was nine months. I put up with a pretty rubbish second hand stroller for my first child and then bought/borrowed a series of less than brilliant strollers ever since. So I knew exactly what I wanted by the time I relented and bought a new one. Nice and high making it easy to push. When the seat goes into recline you can still reach the bags in the bottom (very important). The space at the bottom for bags is nice and deep so plenty of room for all of your stuff. The wheels are really big so we were able to push the buggy on dry sand which is no mean feat. There's only one thing I would change and that is the hand break which seems a bit pointless. I've attached a board for my toddler to the back of the buggy and the hand break digs her in the head however I manipulate the handle. Other than that, I love it.

2015 model terrain


I got the 2015 terrain last year and started using it as soon as my daughter was born at the end of the year. First impression was fantastic pram, great to handle, easy to fold down and extra bonus with the extra pair of wheels that the model before did not come with and also like the idea it has magnets instead of Valero. Although I really love this pram and how much you pay for it I wouldn't expect after a month old the paint starting to chip off near the wheel which I know is from putting it up and down in concrete so in a car park or driveway. Other than that works great and easy to use. Just that one flaws about it I have found

Wonderful feeling!!!


I ordered the best buggy ever! Thank you!!! We are walking without problems anytime and any weather!!

Great Stroller


I couldn't be more pleased with the stroller. It is everything I was looking for. Easy to maneuver even in the snow, I look forward to running with it when the weather gets nicer. The adjustable handle provides a range of options going low enough for my height of 4'11" as well as high enough to be comfortable for my husband. Finally I cannot say enough good things about the Mountain Buggy Customer Service team.

Best Jogger Stroller Out There


I love our Mountain Buggy and only have one complaint; why does Mountain Buggy not make a double (two seat) Terrain. The Terrain we have is like heaven and I love it but when both of my kids want to go on the run I have to switch to our BOB, which is basically the worst and to say the least sub-par to the Mountain Buggy. I look forward to the magical day when Mountain Buggy announces a double (wishful thinking I know).

Mum, Mum, it has 16" wheels


From the moment we stepped out to walk out little princess, to my god son mentioning the BIG wheels this pram has served all purposes we were looking for. From walking along the NZ coast line, to her being able to sleep in the bassinet whilst away from our home. We have certainly made the right choice.

Love it


very happy with purchase love the buggy. It is awesome for heading out on all terrains for a run, a great purchase!

Nice allrounder with some potential


I just bought this stroller, unboxed it and took it on a spin on the livingroom floor before I boxed it to return it. I really do like Mountain buggy and also have the urban jungle. Bought this one to use on more "extreme" grounds and for running. The reason I agreed with the dealer to return it was a fault with the right handed knee joint part. It did not work smoothly and the button popped out when the handle bar clicked into position. In addition to this there was a discoloring on the canopy. This is hopefully just bad luck, but for me this shows signs of weak links in the quality control.
The knee joints also feel a bit cheap and unsturdy. I really like the ones on the uj with the brake, so this was a bit disappointing.
An idea for future improvements would be to swap the foot parking brake with the urban jungle's hand brake. Apart from this I really liked it and look forward to get the new undamaged buggy.
Creds to my dealer who handled this professionally and quickly.

love it


I'm a mum in New York City and am loving my Terrain. It is quite big but SO easy to maneuver. It is incredibly sturdy and the tires are fabulous for the rough, and often uneven, New York pavements. The tires also make it very easy to get up and down stairs. My friends and family recommended Mountain Buggy to me and I've already recommended it to others. It feels strong and protective of my precious little bundle. I love pushing it along.

Excellent pram!


Just started using my pram and i couldnt be more thrilled! Every part was simple and easy to put together. The twist handle to fold and unfold the pram is the best invention! Its super light weight to push and manouvers easily over rough services. My 1wk old is currently sleeping peacefully in it. Cant wait to be back out jogging i have no doubt its going to be excellent for that too!


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