MB Mini at the Markets

MB Mini at the Markets

We took the Mini with us on an outing to a local outdoor markets. It is held at a showground, with some sealed roads, but mostly uneven rocky or sand surfaces.

Hubby was happy to take control of pram duties. He is over 6 foot tall and was able to push the Mini comfortably.

When I was pushing the Mini over a sandy area,  I noticed that the light weight of the pram helped avoid it getting stuck in the sand. The uneven surfaces were a breeze to travel over, with the tyres absorbing most of the bump, And there was no sign of tipping. I was really impressed with how the Mini handled the rough terrain.

We were able to fill the under basket with our market purchases, as well as hanging some bags from the handle, without the pram feeling sluggish. 

The mini is proving to be a fantastic all rounder pram. Capable of comfortably handling the great outdoors, while being sleek enough to breeze around in tight places.

Terri  x

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