carrycot摇篮 坐式转换摇篮式婴儿推车


注意:我们的每个carrycot摇篮都为特定的Mountain Buggy婴儿推车型号设计。虽然一些carrycot摇篮有相同的尺寸,为您的婴儿推车配对购买相应的carrycot摇篮,将是您最好的选择。






What is Mountain Buggy's stance on good sleep practices for an infant? 

We recommend that an infant, be placed in a suitable sleep facility within the parent’s room (room sharing). We do not recommend placing an infant in the parent’s bed for sleep purposes, nor in a bedside sleeper (a product that is attached to the parents’ bed). NOTE: there is some confusion surrounding the meaning of “co-sleeping” – it actually means different things in different parts of the world. The diversity of the term “co-sleeping” is formally recognized by the Canadian product safety regulator, Health Canada, who say “ Definitions of this term are not consistent enough to make it universally acceptable...”.
This information from Health Canada can be viewed by  clicking here

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