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Henry Brydon, father of one

Sydney, Australia 

As my adventure mates and I begin the transition into baby-time, it seems that gear conversation temporarily shifts away from cars, bikes, kayaks and other fan dangle adventure-mobiles (that we probably shouldn't have spent so much money on), to the pram.

In the same way I used to pass bikes on the trail, I find my eyes vehemently scanning his buggy in those fleeting moments we pass each other. Air tyres? Collapsing mechanism? Width? Handling ability? Space for luggage? I'm deep in visual comparison and I notice him doing it to me too! Thankfully I swagger onward; my boy's in the Land Rover Defender of the buggy world.

Hands down the swift is most nimble, most corner hugging, lightest...and let’s face it, raddest looking buggy I've seen. Mine's in yellow and I can't help but think that if bumblebee from the Transformers had a robo-baby that required a buggy, the swift would be it.

The capsule is light, easy to install, straightforward to get in and out of the car (as long as you don't drive a Russian tank), and connects to the base with ease. My wife tells me this makes spontaneous shopping trips effortless.

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The carrycot is narrow and cosy, mimicking a bassinet. It has therefore come in handy for midnight 'settling' walks as the little man loves to catch his z’s in there. Being able to detach it and put it on the floor at friends houses has also been very helpful. Most importantly, swapping between this and the capsule requires minimal effort and connects without fuss. I was initially concerned that this would be painful but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Looks and aesthetics aside though, I’m learning that convenience is everything. And that’s the overarching benefit of the mountain buggy swift .


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