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Storing all the 'baby stuff' while on the go

duet as a single pilot 

Helen Williams, mother of two

Auckland, NZ


As anyone who’s 'buggied' before knows, we all tend to accumulate a lot of 'stuff' in the bottom of our buggies; lint covered dummies, half eaten bananas, the missing sock, and all the emergency 'just in case' stuff, we inevitably never actually use. We upgraded to the duet as a single  a couple of months before our second daughter was born and from day one, true to form, have been it filling up. It’s amazing how much we can fit! But what I’ve found, since it’s all right there, at arm’s length, stuff staring me in the face, is that I’ve been filling it with slightly more useful stuff too; the shopping, the backpack I used to hang off the handlebar. With basket in tow, I’ve loved making the trip to our local community market knowing I can fit everything I need – even the big watermelon! The lovely fabric bags that come with the basket have proven very useful too at the supermarket, when I’ve been feeling a little more eco. Of course, the sock is still buried at the bottom somewhere, but some battles just can’t be won.

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NEW double satchel bag

Helen Williams in post blog


Along with any new addition to a family comes luggage, even when that person is a measly 6 pounds. But I’m pleased to say that the new Mountain Buggy double satchel has proven more than accommodating. Thinking that one bag surely wouldn’t be enough for both my girls’ stuff (toddler and newborn), the new double has proven me wrong. The ample pockets allow me organise the bag with each child's things, so they're easy to find and quick – especially useful when I'm giving my husband instructions and patience is short supply. Its soft, discreet and unassuming, with a stylish grid pattern inside, which matches the change mat. Very trendy. Attaching the satchel to the duet handle bar is easy and convenient, and ideal for grabbing the URGENT snack or dummy (when is it not?). The shoulder strap is comfortable but I also appreciate the shorter handles for moving it around the house. The best part is, it’s look is definitely husband friendly so he’s got no excuse come nappy change.

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