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Test driving the award winning Mountain Buggy +one

+one pilot

Helen Williams, Mother of two

Auckland, NZ


Buying a buggy can be bewildering, especially if you’re new to the stroller scene.  OHbaby!  gave one family the award winning  Mountain Buggy +one  to test-drive in real life on-road conditions. Here’s what they thought...

Although there is a lot to this buggy, I successfully assembled it on my own while 30 weeks pregnant, with a one-year-old hanging off my leg. Credit to Mountain Buggy for making that job far easier than I anticipated.

I used this as a single child buggy for a day, storing all the gear we cart around in the back seat section. I loved not having to bend down to grab things.

The front seat reclines about half way, which was comfortable enough for a little nap on the run (for Evie – not me, sadly), but for a guaranteed sleep, I unclipped the front seat and took out the rear baby mattress and Evie had a good sleep in a roomy ‘travelling bed’.

Out of curiosity, I also trialled the buggy with two one-year-olds: Evie and her little friend. I can see how the inline seating system would be life-changingly convenient if you had more than one child, but it would work best if you have the buggy from day one, so the children get used to the arrangement. (My child, seated in the back seat, may have spent the ride trying to touch the child in front with her feet). If an older child were in the front with a newborn in the back, no problem.

The hood is great and unzips to extend really far so there’s no need for an additional shade cover. It was a bit of a tight squeeze getting this buggy into the boot of our Toyota Rav4, but once in we could still fit other things in around it.

Mountain Buggy came out on top as New Zealand's favourite buggy brand in the 2016 OHbaby! awards . +one won silver for best double buggy. 

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