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‘Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right’ Henry Ford
Hi, and welcome to the beginning of our blogging relationship! :-)
I’d like to motivate you and encourage you to become active with your Mountain Buggy now that your little one is out in the world!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I had an amazing pregnancy, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately though, I was alone for my entire pregnancy as George’s father chose not to be involved in our lives from the start of the pregnancy. I got used to it, and now I don’t know any different. I worked all through the pregnancy (as I run my own business ), until two weeks before George was born. I had a birth plan in place for the hospital, and it was to go as natural as possible, with no pain relief and no intervention (unless required...)

My waters broke on Monday, and George was born on Thursday by emergency C-Section so all my natural birth hopes had been dashed. I had an epidural, a drip, an induction... the works! I was so surprised though - I was after all a very fit Personal Trainer and Adventure Racer who had been physically working right up to the birth. I led a healthy lifestyle, and my body was in great condition. But in the end it didn't matter, because I had a healthy, wonderful, beautiful, big 9lb12oz baby boy!

So to my recovery, well again, it wasn’t what I had planned. A C-section is seldom really spoken about in my opinion. It's major abdominal surgery, and for me there was a slight complication in that I got an infection during childbirth, which resulted in surgery one month after birth to clear up the infection. I was in and out of hospital for that month, on antibiotics with a newborn - tough going. Once the surgery took place I began to heal, so my recovery was you could say, delayed by one month. But once on the road to recovery, life was amazing with a newborn.

So, what did I do? I walked. I put George into my Mountain Buggy terrain and walked and walked. It gave me clarity, sun light and fresh air. I got moving and it felt great! I felt human again, and it meant that George had fresh air too. He was rugged up (it was winter and cold).

As the months progressed the walks turned into small jogs, which turned into longer runs, all with the buggy. I mixed up the scenery from beach to park to roads, this way I never got bored. I had limited childcare options (as both my parents are deceased), so I realised that training and fitness was to be incorporated with George. I worked fitness around my life, not my life around fitness. It's about balance and a healthy happy lifestyle, so make fitness part of your life.

I understand that getting motivated and active after having your baby can be hard. You are tired and busy with the day-to-day activities of minding your little one, but this does not have to be a reason to stay indoors... in fact this should be your motivation. I often get asked the question, "When can I start exercising again after having my baby?" Medically you should wait 6 weeks post natural birth, and 10 post C Section. Start with a gentle small walk with your buggy, even if it's only up the road. Getting outdoors will give you fresh air, sun light (vitamin D) get the blood flowing and clear your head. You will be surprised at just how good you will feel afterwards!

So why do I tell you my story? Hopefully to encourage or inspire you to believe that you can and will get active and fit again. Or if you never were, no better time to start!

Tell me what it is you need to get motivated. Let me guide you in the right direction - I am here one-on-one to give you personal advice, tips and ideas to get active with your baby. Just Ask Alannah at FitMummy.