Single, Fit Mummy!

Now that you’re a mummy, donʼt think for a second you canʼt still be that gorgeous person you once were pre-babies, thats rubbish! You’re even more gorgeous than you ever were!The only thing you need to do, is believe it is so!

OK, so you may be a single mummy. You may feel let down, abandoned and alone.Your partner for whatever reason (and there are many, many reasons out there why single mums are single mums!) left you and you’re doing this by yourself. Turn those emotions around and start to  look at your life through a different lense. See yourself as an empowered, blessed, happy,confident, able and happy single yummy mummy!

Yes, you now have two mouths to feed, sleepless nights, and at times lonely days, but life is wonderful. Embrace this time in your life! Look at it as a positive, instead of a struggle.Those lonely moments are fleeting when that little person looks up at you - you are all they need right now, they love you unconditionally.

By turning your emotions around, you will feel empowered. My sister from is an amazing inspiration to me - always says the word “Gratitude”. Be grateful for what you have in your life, not for what you donʼt have. Try not to compare yourself to your neighbour as we all live different lives. We are all given a purpose or challenge in life, and it is up to you how you deal with those challenges. You can stick your head in the sand, hide away, look at all the negative things you have, OR you can give thanks, stand tall, take a breath and look at all the positive things you have... like a healthy, happy baby in your arms! ʻAttitude to Gratitudeʼ!

Be the person you want to be! Surround yourself with positive people, who encourage and support  you - look at what you can do, not what you canʼt.

You’re a single mum, thats ok! You are doing a great job. Yes it’s tough, nobody said it would be easy so try not to put too much pressure upon yourself. If you get one project done a day that’s brilliant. If you’re a single and working mum like me, then just do what you can asthe most important thing is that you are in good health. You must schedule a time in theday for “YOU” if that means when the baby sleeps, great! Get outside, put baby in the Mountain Buggy and go walking - meet your friends for coffee, or let baby sleep in the buggyand do some yoga, whatever it is... start doing it, the benefits are endless.

Play with your little one, laugh with your little one, get outdoors! Life has no limits...

askALANNAH @ FitMummy asks you a question:Are you a single parent who just wants to get on with your life? Perhaps needing a bit of a boost? Then don’t hesitate in asking questions below in the comments area or email me [email protected]  OR if you have pulled yourself out of a tough time then please share this below and inspire others out there who need a guiding hand!