What to look for in an active stroller

So you had a baby, and along with all of the coos and cuddles, oohs and aahs, comes the realization that maybe you should get some fresh air!  Some exercise maybe? A stroll in the park? How about a light hike on the trail?  All sound like great ideas for new moms, but will your stroller live up to your newly found active mommy lifestyle?  Being active before, during and especially after pregnancy is vital to any new mom’s overall well-being. Including your baby in outdoor activities is a great way to regain that pre-pregnancy shape and ward off the baby blues. 

One of the best investments any new active mom can make is in a good stroller. With three boys ages 4, 2 and 13 months, I can safely say that I am the stroller queen with 6 strollers in my baby transportation collection. I’ve got everything from your basic umbrella stroller, to the fancier Peg Perego to my rugged Mountain Buggy terrain. Now that you’re in the market for your own active stroller, here’s a list of things to consider when shopping for your baby’s new ride:

Will the stroller be apt for all terrains such as gravel, cobblestone streets and hills? Does it turn easily in tight corners (trust me; this will be very important as you try to navigate through those tight corners at your local Starbucks among other places!) Does it collapse easily for quick and carefree storage?

Make sure to consider the frequency, length and type of activity that you will be using the stroller for. Will you be navigating through rough streets to get to and from the market, or will you be training for a 10K race?

OK let’s face it, who doesn’t like a cool looking stroller? Aesthetics aside, does the stroller have ample storage for your baby’s toys, snacks and diapers? Does it have a handy spot to store your water? This is an active stroller after all!

While there are certainly many price points available when it comes to active strollers, I have found in my experience (6 strollers, 3 kids, several 5ks, a 10K and a half marathon), that spending a little more the first time around is money and time well spent.

My favorite stroller without a doubt is my Mountain Buggy terrain! I had never thought of “handling” until driving this stroller. I can easily turn the stroller with one hand whether I’m jogging in the park or navigating through a store.It truly makes life with three little ones under 5 a lot easier. The covered storage basket under the seat is large enough to carry snacks, books and toys for three rambunctious boys!  Also, as an avid jogger, the terrain’s front wheel gives you the option to lock it or maintain its swivel action. The front wheel on other active strollers often shake and rattle as you pick up speed.   This stroller has accompanied my husband as he trained for his first marathon and it is my weekly companion at Baby Boot Camp!

Matteo enjoying a morning snack  at the park in his Mountain Buggy terrain

Now that you are equipped with your awesome new active stroller, it’s time to find an activity that works for you and your baby. Stroller fitness classes such as STROLLFIT offered by Baby Boot Camp, are an amazing resource for moms to get back in shape after pregnancy, all in the company of your child. Cardio drills, strength training and core exercises are part of this 55 minute class. Haven’t had your baby yet or haven’t worked out in a while? No worries!  Everything at Baby Boot Camp’s STROLLFIT class can be modified for all fitness levels and even for pregnant women. An additional perk of a stroller fitness class is the sense of community and support network that women get from working out together and sharing the day to day of motherhood.

Watching the mommies run the stroller weave at Baby Boot Camp!

So put on the workout shoes, load up your active stroller with your baby and some water, and head on out for a walk, jog or Baby Boot Camp class! 

Maria Gorosito
Franchise Owner & Instructor
Baby Boot Camp Katy, TX

Mountain Buggy terrain is the official chosen jogging stroller for Baby Boot Camp - premier USA stroller-fitness group.