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The faster you go, the more fun it is!

unirider inventor

Simon Langham, father of three

Bath, England 

It all started when we were looking for a new way to transport our 3 year old son Freddie. Kate and I wanted to take Freddie with us on walks and runs in the hills above our home in Bath, but didn’t have a way of doing it - because Freddie was 3 at the time, he wasn't too keen on sitting in the stroller for a length of time. 

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So, I built the  unirider  and it solved this problem for us perfectly. Walking and running the trails with Freddie in tow was a breeze. As we used  unirider  with Freddie more and more, we realised it provided us with so much more than we had first imagined... It’s just so much fun! Children and adults absolutely love riding and pushing it! The faster you go, the more fun it is.

It’s a really great way for children to learn the balancing skills they need to ride a bike. Freddie and his two sisters Florence and Olivia all transitioned from  unirider  straight onto bikes without stabilisers and rode them straight away.

unirider  also provided us with an amazing bonding experience with our kids because you can see your child developing their riding skills and putting their trust in your support. You can let them lean and steer, but ultimately the adult has total control over speed and direction to keep them totally safe.

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Since  unirider  launched we’ve received so many messages from parents all over the world who are now experiencing and trusting this unique new concept - alongside of course, having heaps of fun!


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