The busy mums workout!

Getting in shape and for free is every mother's right! You don't need a gym, you don't need have to leave your child with anyone -  you just need your stroller!

Just walking with your stroller for at least 20 minutes back and forth will complete your body workout.The most important body parts – triceps, abs and buttocks – are done. Go anywhere ,do anything and even get your daily tasks done. You just need to keep the right form when walking. See how Sarah holds her form below when she goes walking with her Mountain Buggy terrain. You'll love being to train anywhere, any time and right on the go.

To start your work out/walk put your child in their stroller, grab some water and warm up by walking at a comfortable pace for 5 minutes. Stop and do some stretching of the arm, leg and oblique muscles. This will warm up your muscles whilst toning up your bod.The best thing for anyone trying to get in shape is interval training so try running as fast you can for 5 minutes and then brisk walking for another 2 minutes. Repeat this a few times on your way to your destination and if you're feeling up to it repeat it on the way back! 

Once you get home make the most of your stroller and do some squats, lunges or both! Do 12-16 reps of each. Stand behind your stroller with your hands on the handlebar shoulder-width apart. With your feet and knees forward, squat down as if sitting on a chair, keeping your weight in your heels, your knees directly above your ankles and squeeze yourself down. Like squats, lunges work most of the muscles in your legs including your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves so they're pretty good too. Stand in a split-stance (one leg forward, one leg back). Bend knees and lower body into a lunge position,pushing your stroller in front of you, keeping the front knee and back knee at 90 degree angles. Keeping the weight in your heels, push back up (slowly!) to your starting position.

Repeat this 5 stage routine 2-3 times a week! By the time your child has grown out of it's stroller you'll have a fabulous sporty body - built entirely by your stroller! 


      Hips&shoulder stretch                   Buttocks stretch                          Side stretch                              Oblique stretch


             Lower handle                               Elbows fixed at waist                 Hold two fingers                    Keep position & go!


         Higher handle                         Firm full grip                                Elbows tucked behind         Keep position & go!


   Waistline handle                    Straight arms - uphill                   Bend hills - downhill                   Large steps - downhill

5.Squats & Lunges

                 Put  your break on and be careful not to put your full weight on the stroller - you don't want it to tip.