swift Buggy

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  • kompakteres Zusammenklappen im Stehen
  • leichter Buggy-Rahmen
  • längere Rückenlehne ( mehr Besonderheiten siehe unten)
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Das ultra-kompakte Zusammenklappen und der luftgefüllte Reifen bedeuten, dass sich der kompakte Kinderwagen swift hervorragend für jedes Gelände eignet und mühelos von den Straßen der Stadt auf abseits gelegene Pfade wechseln kann.

mehr Besonderheiten:

  • NEUE EIGENSCHAFTEN – längere Griffstange und eine Haube, die auf dem Rahmen auf und ab bewegt werden kann.
  • kann dank verstecktem, automatischem Rahmenschloss mit einer Hand zusammengeklappt werden
  • Handbremse mit grünen „Los“- und roten „Stopp“-Indikatoren
  • neue modische Farben
  • der weiche, strapazierfähige Segeltuchstoff kann leicht abgewischt werden, ist wasserundurchlässig und vergilbt nicht

Eigenschaften, die du bereits liebst:

  • herausragender Bordsteinkanten-Pop! mit Leichtigkeit durch die Stadt navigieren
  • einfaches Verriegeln und leichter Wechsel zurück zur vollen Schwenkbarkeit des Vorderreifens
  • verstellbarer Sitz von flach für Neugeborene bis aufrecht für 4-Jährige
  • vielfach verstellbare Griffstangenhöhe


  • Autositz-Adapter
  • protect-Kindersitz
  • swift carrycot plus
  • freerider
  • Zubehör

Mitgeliefert werden:

  • Buggy-Rahmen & 3 raffinierte 25,5 cm (10") große, luftgefüllte Reifen
  • RV-Sitzgewebe auf und um den Buggy-Rahmen & intuitive 5-Punkte-Schnalle mit überstandsfreiem Anschnallgurt
  • doppelseitiges Sitzpolster
  • Sonnenhaube mit leiser, magnetischer Peek-a-Boo-Klappe
  • Flaschenhalter
  • Paketfach

Tech specs

  • Gewicht: 9,1 kg / 20 lbs
  • Breite: 58 cm / 22,8"
  • Griffstangenhöhe: 59–106 cm / 23,2–41,73"
  • Stehend zusammengeklappt: 72 x 58 x 31 cm / 28,3 x 22,8 x 12,2"
  • Altersbereich: Neugeborene bis 4 Jahre
  • maximale Belastung: 20 kg / 44 lbs
  • protect_v2_grey_quarter_1200x1200

    protect infant car seat

  • CCPU_0117_side_1200x1200

    carrycot plus for swift and MB mini

    carrrycot and rear facing seat
  • montain buggy newborn cocoon with baby

    newborn cocoon

  • CUSTOM FIT! mountain buggy mini storm and sun cover set

    MB mini & swift all weather cover set

    protection, 365 days a year
  • NEW COLOURS! sleeping-bag_ocean

    sleeping bag

    stroller sleeping bag
  • NEW! 1200x1200_FR_2016_productshots_yellow

    NEW freerider stroller board

  • mountain buggy black universal travel buggy bag to make travel easy

    universal travel bag

    for strollers and car seats
  • mountain buggy lambswool liner on buggy provides 100% natural woolen warmth, as well as extra comfort for your child.

    lambswool liner

  • mountain buggy urban jungle luxury collection nautical fitted with food tray

    mountain buggy food tray

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

    for buggy and air filled tires



We bought this about 3 years ago. Wife and I had a lot of debates over the relative merits of 3/4 wheels and in the end 3 wheels won out. No they dont tip over! Our swift has been round the world twice. Had luggage piled upon it and more general detritus piled on it than it could ever have been designed for. We have been through 6 wheels (finally settled on the aero ones) and its serviced two kids. In short its part of the family and I love it almost as much as my children. Its got to the point where we dont know what people put things on when they dont have a buggy. Do normal people carry things?

Get a sheepskin, cut holes in it and you have a ready made bed. In short these buggys rock and I will probably mount it on the wall one day when we are done with it. Currently we are modelling a duet version as well, which is also good albeit a fair bit heavier.

I think I should add that my kids have done everything in their power to try and destroy it. Buggy 1, children nil.

I recommend these to everyone. Good luck!

Faulty break (and future designs improvements)


I bought the mountain buggy swift in August 2016. It is a great stroller, very small and compact and easy to manage on both outdoor trails and shopping/street strolling. When traveling, the seat reclining option makes it easy for your child to take a nap and folds up quickly with the touch and twist of one handle. I cannot be happier with the look and the feel.


At around 6 months the break started to falter. As I was strolling through the city the break wouldn't click back into place and the stroller would be half in break mode and making a continuous clicking noise. I tried taking the wheels off to see whether any pebbles had gotten lodged beside the break wires, but even then there seems to be some misalignment with the wire of the break and the break pieces connected to the wire that stop the wheels. I see this as the main issue with the stroller.

The stroller has a water bottle holder, but I would have also liked to have an option for coffee cup.

The storage at the bottom is a bit small, although that is one of the reasons that the stroller is more compact.


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