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Set of 4 10" puncture-proof aerotech wheels for your duet stroller, including 2 front and 2 rear wheels.

*please note all tyres will need to be changed if using aerotech

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stand out features:

  • aerotech: a unique hybrid blend of EVA and rubber
  • puncture-proof and low maintenance
  • lightweight
  • hollow inner, offering 'air' cushioning
  • fully assembled, ready to slide onto your buggy frame
  • 10" diameter
  • 2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels included in bundle
  • compatible with the duet stroller

Expensive Plastiv


These wheels are a total rip off at $140. I expected rubber tires like Baby Jogger forever air GT tires. Instead these are just hard plastic tires like come standard on most strollers that are made for the mall. I would have bought a much cheaper stroller if I wanted this type of tire. Yes they won't puncture but they are not all terrain tires. Not nearly worth the price

Made a Great Stroller Even Better


Our kids are in our Duet at least 4 times a day, all year long, so we really put it through it's paces. We have gone through our share of inflatable tires- the last time an inflatable tire went out at a park two miles from our house, we got home and ordered these tires. I think the Duet handles just as well as it ever did, and now we venture into the wild without fear of a flat. Fantastic buy!

50% Off


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Changed my life


I hated having to pump my tyres. Who has the time? These aerotech still offer a smooth ride and I don't feel too compromised. Best investment. :)

excellent addition to duet


I bought it right away and I am very happy. It wheels very well.



After constant pumping of tyres and time consuming puncture repairs we finally got these and love them. We've noticed no change in the way the buggy performs in terms of handling/bumpiness but no longer need to worry about getting a flat tyre on a long walk and constantly pumping or repairing tyres! A god send - I just wish we found them earlier!



Omg! These wheels changed my life. I can not recommend them enough! No more punctures. Makes the buggy so much lighter and easier to push. Love love love. Registered my buggy an got them half price!

Love them... But wish they came standard


Love the new tires for our mountain buggy. This is the second mountain buggy stroller we have owned (Terrain with our first, duet when we had our second). We are hard on our strollers and an original rear tire popped during an outing after having the duet stroller for about 8 months. Since we use the stroller so frequently, we needed a replacement and I decided on the aerotech tires. I am very impressed with the durability of the wheels so far, I only wish that you didn't have to put out another $150 to get them.

Perfect, stress free


No longer worry that we're going to burst a wheel or get a flat when out. These should be standard, & not so expensive.



Had to have new inner tubes after 6 months,another set 5 months later,now after 18 months,new tyres as the originals have shredded.The buggy was not used for the first few months and it isn't used every day now.Considering the purchase price, this problem has been very disappointing.£119 for a new set of wheels and tyres is ridiculous!Obviously a design fault judging by the other comments,they should be a free replacement!


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