Thank you Mountain Buggy

This is a gorgeous letter from one of our Buggies For Good recipients.

We'd like to thank Kylie from Baby On The Move in Herne Bay, Auckland, who donated this Mountain Buggy double terrain - serviced and spruced up by our team here in Wellington and donated into the community. Well done team!

31 May 2010-07-06

Dear Mountain Buggy
Thank you so much for helping us with the buggy. We have put many miles on it already. Anahera has dubbed it her 'special buggy' and shows it to visitors. She loves being able to lay back and sleep on long walks. We took it out the day after we got it and have used it nearly every day since then to go to the library, park, play centre, supermarket and all those other places you go with kids. It is great to know that both of the girls are comfortable when we are out and about. We have passed our single buggy on to another family as we felt it would be wrong to sell it after we had been so lucky with you generosity.
It was our midwife, Ruth, that also works at Pregnancy Support, that led us to getting in touch with you. If fact, she is the one that did all the contacting. I met Ruth for the first time in SCBU Nelson when our daughter was just nine days old. I had GP care throughout my pregnancy and Ruth was to provide aftercare.  But as Manaia was born ten weeks early in Christchurch and we were cared for there I didn't get to meet Ruth until we were transferred back to SCBU Nelson. When I met Ruth I was worried about all the things that I still needed to organise and hadn't had (or would have) the time to. One of these things was a double buggy. Ruth mentioned you and started the ball rolling. She was wonderfully helpful in so many practical aspects.
So now here we are, at home with our gorgeous two year old, Anahera, and precious little 15 week old baby, Manaia (born ten weeks early), at home and enjoying the freedom that comes with having a good set of wheels.

Thank you again :)
Kindest Regards,