It's a delicious combination

A year has passed since Mountain Buggy joined the phil&teds family. It seems like only a few months ago that we moved just across town to live with our old competitors, yet feels like years that we’ve been working together.

Guess that says a lot about how this ‘marriage’ has worked out.  At the start there was a rollercoaster of emotions with lots of questions raised: Will we fit into the quirky realm of phil&teds? How are we going to keep these two brands apart yet align the cultures?

The early days of this relationship were of course, tentative. As one original Mountain Buggy designer put it, "It was like the first day of high school – we had to learn the new rules before we could play together". But our CEO’s passion for both brands and his intent to keep Mountain Buggy’s true original story and heritage was clear from the outset. ‘Compete in the morning, co-operate in the afternoon’, he said, and that we did. The fear that Mountain Buggy would get swallowed up by the much louder other half evaporated from day one. His enthusiasm fed through the whole, combined team and before long a Mountain Buggy team was re-established and we were on our way to a new brand, a new story, a new vision. 'Divide and conquer' was what drove us, and it was clearly evident that both Mountain Buggy and phil&teds had a lot of fantastic knowledge and know-how that could be shared – something that has been instrumental in bridging the gap and redefining our stories. phil&teds has crafted an impressive brand by championing the parents to adapt and survive, while Mountain Buggy want parents to live a life without limit.

So you could say that the past 365 days for us have been massive. But upon reflection, Mountain Buggy never really lost its story, it just re-discovered its roots and came back stronger than ever. Sure, we lost a few but we also gained more. Kind of like the marriage between automobile giants BMW and Rover. Yes, there has been sweat and tears, tantrums and tiaras, but lets not forget the ton of laughs, powerful alliances and strong friendships that has been forged along the way between the two iconic New Zealand brands, giving way to a harmonious hum in our Newtown offices.

And to celebrate at HQ, we have banded together for a week of fun and activities, consisting of ‘phil&teds red’ day, ‘Mountain Buggy brown’ day, quiz night and a bit of a cook off. It has been quite competitive in the office. A lot of fun (and questionable) outfits, and admittedly a cultural eye opener to see our phil&teds IT manager Dan waltz into the office in a dress and jandals, looking strangely comfortable – nice!

Call it what you will – the perfect match; the ultimate dream team. It’s all true by the way, but at HQ we like to refer to it as a delicious combination. Happy anniversary!

ladies in red

chocolate tabby cats

sweet as pie

delicious combination food challenge - winner of the presentation category