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terrain sports luxe

We believe that parents not only seek a quality product that looks ready to take off-road, but also has a fashion forward look and feel. My goal is to push the boundaries and revolutionize the fabrics for the brand, to ensure our products are relevant to a wide scope of consumers and markets. 

urban jungle 2015 review

Overall we love our urban jungle. It's incredible smooth to steer and manoeuvre and with a lovely handle to grip on to and your hands never get sweaty or sticky on the textured rubber. We also love that the handlebar is adjustable in height, a very useful feature!

The Dutch Way

If you visit The Netherlands, the first thing you will notice is the huge amount of bikes on the street. In fact, there are 18 million bikes in The Netherlands. With a population of approximately 16.5 million this is more than one per head of the population!! Our family definitely contributes to that average, as we own 4 bikes. Two are for the daily life, one is for our visitors and the other one is for going on a bike trip. 

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