Mountain Buggy duet and joey

Here I was lamenting the possibility of giving up my duet. Quinn is at preschool now and is starting school next year so the Mountain Buggy duet was being used less and less. I was really not looking forward to giving it up, so when I stumbled across a tweet about joey, I literally jumped up and down in excitement. This was it! This was exactly what I needed, especially as a non-driver the extra storage space is essential. I loved the flexibility of being able to put the second seat back on if I am spending a full day out that requires another seat. It really is a win/win!

This is how it looked last time we went out without the duet - LOL… and this is how it looks now I have the joey! So much space!

I ducked into the shops and even the shop staff were impressed. "What a fantastic idea!" one lady gushed! I nodded in agreement… isn’t it brilliant? Met with nods all round.

I really wish this whole package was available when Quinn was born! The duet really has become more then just a double stroller that is the same width as a single… now it can be a single that can become a double!! I could really see joey taking the duet from single mode with bassinette and joey, then to seat with joey. Then when another baby comes along you can switch to double mode, comfortably accommodating both children.

Having number 3? Well, add on a Mountain Buggy freerider and you are set to go!

As you toddler gets older, then you can use the freerider and the single duet with seat and Joey, and then finally back to single mode with seat and Joey. This buggy with its new accessory really does encompass all phases of parenting within the durable quality we all love Mountain Buggy for (and do we need to mention again the slim frame of the duet!?!)

I wanted to mention that I have been talking about the joey on the duet, but duo owners - you won’t miss out as joey also fits on the duo!

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