The MB mini is put to the test in Scotland!

I've been lucky enough to have the MB Mini on trial for 3 weeks now and its name says it all. This buggy is everything you would expect from a Mountain Buggy (sturdy, robust, well-made) but in a small, compact and lightweight version.

To put this review in context, I have a one year-old daughter and we have two other buggies, a 'full-size' 3-wheel buggy and a compact, 4-wheeler. We live in the city suburbs and spend a lot of time out walking, be it a 10k walk along the coast or a quick visit into town for shopping and coffee. We took the MB Mini with us on our recent trip back to the UK – an opportunity to throw it around luggage belts, in the snow and round Ikea.

The first thing that struck me was how easy it was to get in the boot of our car (a VW Golf). The fold is amazing – it is quite literally a one-hand, one step fold. My other buggies involve an elaborate series of release and press actions to get the buggy to collapse so this was a very pleasant surprise. What's more is it automatically locks in the fold position – another lovely surprise when you're used to having to lock the buggy with a series of reverse actions. The fact that this buggy is lovely and light makes a huge difference to getting it in and out of the car. I even managed to fit this buggy in the boot of a convertible, granted it was a bit of a tight squeeze but it gives you an idea of just how flat it folds.

We packed the buggy up in a travel bag for our flight – I felt that 4 connecting flights through 5 airports was probably a bit too much of a leap of faith for it to arrive in one piece. With hindsight I wish I'd taken it through the airports and checked it at the gate for the main flights – a lot of people seemed to have bigger buggies than ours, which would suggest it wouldn't have been a problem. That said, it arrived in one piece and the travel bag proved to be a handy addition to fit in extra bits and pieces (i.e. there's plenty of space to pack your travel cot/portable high chair in there).

In terms of using this buggy on a daily basis, it was great. I'm really impressed with how agile it is and how easy it is to manoeuvre. My 'compact' buggy has a split handle so you always feel like you have to have two hands on it to steer properly – being able to turn it through 360 degrees with one hand is great when you're in a shopping situation. The narrow frame is great for in and around town, getting through doorways and parking it up in cafes isn't a problem – planning where you can and can't go with the full-size buggy can be hugely frustrating.. The fact that it's so nimble is great for ducking round people in town, as most people with a buggy know, there's nothing more annoying that people cutting in front of you and you having to dodge the 'traffic'.

While we were in the UK, we experienced the full range of the Scottish weather. I wouldn't say the Mini was designed for snow but you certainly wouldn't be stuck if you were to find yourself in a snowy situation. It holds it's own, the traction isn't as good as I'd imagine it would be on a full size Mountain Buggy but for a city buggy it handled pretty well.

There are lots of great things about this buggy and I would thoroughly recommend it if you're looking for something compact without compromising on quality and features. Whilst I wouldn't switch my full-size buggy for it, I do too much walking and enjoy the added bells and whistles it gives me, I would most certainly swap my compact buggy for this. All up, I loved having the Mountain Buggy Mini , I really couldn't fault it for what it is. I'd more than happily recommend this little nipper to any of my friends.