portavasos para silla de paseo

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Portavasos ajustable a la parte izquierda del manillar de la silla gracias a su agarradera.

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Si tienes un modelo antiguo de silla de paseo que no dispone de agarradera necesitarás comprar el kit  de tornillos y agarradera de sujección   o el  kit de tornillosup y agarradera de sujección para el duo & double urban  para adaptar el chasis y acomodar este estilo de portavasos. Así mismo, el  portabotellas  tiene un ajuste universal para todos las silla de paseo Mountain Buggy.

  • mountain buggy bottle holder which easily attaches to your buggy and allows you to drink on the move


  • product photo not available

    handle & cup holder screws

  • mountain buggy pouch convenient buggy bag which easily attaches to your buggy. Holds all your essentials whilst on the go

    buggy pouch - storage bag

  • Angle the parasol umbrella where it is needed on your Mountain Buggy for privacy and protection


    también se ajusta a tronas y sillas
  • Nuevo! montain buggy newborn cocoon with baby

    NUEVO capazo blando cocoon

  • mountain buggy lambswool liner on buggy provides 100% natural woolen warmth, as well as extra comfort for your child.

    lambswool liner

  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    maintenance kit

    for buggy and air filled tires

Not practical. Lots of spills!


This design is super impractical! Bought the cup holder to help with juggling the occasional cup of coffee in the park. But the cup holder is way too big for any cup I have come across, and it has no grips to hold cups in place. The slightest bump and your coffee will spill over or tip right out! Then your park fun is over and you are heading home sticky and uncaffeinated to wash the coffee from your pants and nappy bag :( Wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. (Also would love to see a product that folded up with the prams instead of popping off!)

It's pretty darn useless


I bought this just over a week ago and the clip that attaches to the handle has already popped off in transit, rendering it useless. Before that I only tried to use it once with a large coffee and it spilled all my leg thanks to the swinging motion of the holder. Total waste of ten bucks.

Mountain Buggy cup holder


Worst cup holder in the market. Only useful if you're planning to drink coffee from a standard coffee cup whilst pushing the pram. Doesn't take water bottles or anything larger than a coffee mug as it tilts the holder upside down along with your bottle no matter what connnector you use. I should have invested in another drink holder that could have been more universal and practical.

Waste of money

Lost within the first week :(


This item has a very poor mechanism for attaching to the stroller. I am very careful with my stuff and this item fell off or was otherwise lost within the week of buying it. Don't buy it, it's not worth the money.

Very handy addition to our buggy


We have been using this for a month now and find it good for longer walks with coffee stops and to have a spare hand. It is rather flimsy (therefore any small bump sees the coffee getting spilt) and seems to be quite large for any large size cup (therefore we use foam cup holders to give the cups more support and pad out the holder).

Must have accessory


After a near accident with a latte I decided to give the cup holder a go, and think it should come as a standard accessory ;)
Only down side was the holder fell off when I folded up the buggy but a zip tie has fixed that problem

Don't expect any coffee left in your cup!


I was initially excited to purchase this. "Yay", I thought, "I can have a coffee AND walk my baby". Turns out I was terribly, terribly wrong. The only way I can ensure there is any coffee left in my take away cup is, in fact, not to walk at all. Every little bump moves the holder, and ensures your drink of choice spills -down the side, on the pavement, on the stroller, everywhere. Save your money and buy a couple of coffees instead (you'll end up with more to drink anyway if you just hold them). Another poor design Mountain Buggy, another reason why I regret my purchase of this brand.

Functions brilliantly if your buggy doesn't move


Too shallow to hold anything except a tea cup. Very wide mouth with nothing to grip the item to supposedly be held in it. Cups and bottles jostle and fall out once in motion. After a short period, this has been disconnected from our stroller and replaced with another from elsewhere. Incredibly poor design, surprising coming from this co.

Does the job


I bought this to go on my urban jungle, it's not bad but falls off when you fold the stroller up, and coffee spills out when you go over a bump. It's ok for walking around the shopping centre.

A bit useless


Unless you are stationary or pushing the pram extremely slowly on a completely flat and smooth surface you might as well hold the coffee cup in your hand. A plastic keep cup with a sealed lid helps a bit.

Last resort cup holder


I was so happy to find a cup holder till I used it. Every bump spills my coffee, and it isn't stable, it moves side to side because it's not fixed on.
Also I hit everything with it because it is attached to the side, walking through a clothes store the clothes caught on it turning it sideways and spilt my drink on the clothing

bad and dangerous


I put my coffee in it and coffee goes everywhere!bad design! The need to look at putting long plastic bits inside like the bugaboo one! Im so dissapointed as i walk alot!

Don't waste your money


This arrived last week and I am really disappointed. It swings around and doesn't fasten securely to the pram, I definitely can't put my coffee in it. I read someone else's review before I bought this and it said the same thing. I should have listened. Annoying.



Attached to the pram put coffee cup in it and coffee everywhere once I started walking down the street.

Works on the Nano


I purchased this for my Mountain Buggy Nano. It slides perfectly on the knob built into the left side below the handle; the installation couldn't be simpler. However, a couple of times the cup holder has knocked off again as I've folded up the stroller. Mostly just a minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning. Overall, I'm quite happy that there is somewhere to put my coffee mug! :-)

Disappointing quality


I bought this about 2 weeks ago and already it is broken. The plastic loop that holds it onto the buggy has snapped. For £10 I would expect much better quality.

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