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Patina cerca, patina lejos. ¡Diviértete sobre la tabla para la sillita y sobre el patinete!

El freerider, con un diseño que se ha llevado varios premios, es multifuncional: ¡pasa de tabla para la silla de paseo a patinete en cuestión de segundos!

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Recommended Accessories:
Connector 1 for the freerider connects this convertible scooter/buggy board with all Mountain Buggy buggies except pre-2010 terrain and breeze models.

freerider connector 1

EUR 30,00

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Connector 2 for the freerider connects this convertible scooter/buggy board with select models from Phil&Teds, bugaboo,bob, britax and easywalker

freerider connector 2

EUR 30,00

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Connector 3 for the freerider connects this convertible scooter/buggy board to baby jogger buggies

freerider connector 3

EUR 30,00

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características destacables:

  • se acopla mediante un conector que se fija al eje trasero de la silla de paseo para ir en modo tabla
  • botón de desenganche rápido que conecta o desconecta la tabla del conector
  • el conector se puede colocar en cualquier parte del eje trasero, según la preferencia de quien empuje
  • rueda giratoria trasera de dos modos: gira para utilizarlo como tabla para la silla de paseo y seguir la trayectoria de la silla de paseo, o fija para el modo patinete
  • freno en la rueda trasera para usar en modo patinete
  • mecanismo de giro de los monopatines: seguro para los peques
  • agarre antideslizante: superficie antideslizante en la tabla
  • la barra del manillar se puede sacar para doblarla en la parte trasera de la silla de paseo
  • colgante para recoger la tabla y sujetarla a la parte posterior de la silla de paseo
  • capacidad máxima de peso de 20 kg

connector 1   (se vende aparte) hace que el freerider sea compatible con los siguientes modelos de Mountain Buggy:

  • MB mini
  • cosmopolitan
  • swift
  • urban jungle
  • terrain (con rueda delantera giratoria)
  • +one
  • duet
  • duo

connector 2  (se vende aparte) hace que el freerider sea compatible con los siguientes modelos:

  • Mountain Buggy nano
  • phil&teds dash (2015+ modelos)
  • phil&teds voyager
  • phil&teds navigator
  • phil&teds dot
  • phil&teds vibe (2014+ modelos)
  • phil&teds verve 
  • phil&teds s4
  • phil&teds classic
  • phil&teds sport v1 y v2
  • phil&teds hammerhead
  • phil&teds explorer

connector 3   (se vende aparte) hace que el freerider sea compatible con los siguientes modelos de silla de paseo:

  • City Mini de Baby Jogger (incompatible con City Select y City Mini GT)

Great scooter


I got this scooter so my 4-year old could jump on it on the back of my mountain buggy stroller while walking to school, or going to the mall. It has worked excellently for both purposes. Son also likes it for just scooting around. Wheels and ball bearings are high quality, leading to a smooth, fast ride. Like that there are two wheels in the front, which has helped son learn to scoot without fussing too much about balance.

Works well!


I've mainly used this as just the stroller attachment as my son prefers his bike to riding a scooter. However, it works very well as a stroller attachment. It makes the stroller harder to push, but I think that would be the same for any similar product.

It is easy to attach and it is great that you can flip it up and store if upright if you are not using it. My son loves looking at his little brother as he is on his scooter!

We use it with our Terrain, and my husband had to adjust the brake so that our son could stand upright between the stroller handles and frame. Otherwise he was constantly getting bashed in the head with the brake.

Overall, works well when I have the inevitable tantrums and refusal to walk!

Disney Lifesaver


My adapter was missing a piece when it arrived , I requested a new adapter but was sent the piece instead. It was difficult to fix the adapter and I was worried it would break easily. However, it was a lifesaver on my Disney trip for my rather small six year old on the back of our BOB. My two year old also rode easily. I had at least tweety people stop me to ask about it at the park. We can't fold our stroller with the board on, but it's worth the hassle for long days.

My grandson loves it!


This is great for the long walks to pre- school as he hops on the scooter when he is tired. Downside is that when he stands he is either inside the handle or the safety handle is in his way if he leans outside. The position for pushing the buggy takes a little getting used to but we are still glad we bought it!

A great product!


I bought one of these to go on a Mountain Buggy Duet because I'm a Childminder who regularly transports several children of different ages and this board gives me more options. It is easy to attach to the pram although as it's quite long I think that on a single pram it might make pushing a little awkward, I have it attached to one side of the double pram frame so that I can walk to the left of it so it works really well. It unclips easily to make it into a scooter and that has proved very popular with all the children. As a scooter it's not too easy to steer but the children have soon got the hang of that.
It's a good quality product which I would recommend although that is for use on a double pram, it might not be so great on a single pram because it's quite big but it's definitely worth a try.



My girl loves it. Always wants to go for walks. Great way to keep her happy on those long walks. Took a bit of time to set up the connector but definitely worth the wait!



My 2 year old loves this .It is great as it teaches them co-ordination as they use their sense of balance and spatial awareness


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