Mountain Buggy mushroom picking!

September means autumn. You can see it when the leafs change their colour, you can feel it in the crisp air and most of all you can smell it, an earth-like smell.

For many people in Sweden this means mushroom picking, it's a popular autumn activity. So today I'll take my three of my kids (ages 13, 2 1/2 and 10 months) to the woods in search of mushrooms. It's a tradition for us, however our tradition is that we never find any you can eat! But it's great excuse to get outside and it's always fun.

You feel a sense of freedom walking in the woods, there are no trails and you have to find your own way. All you have is the sounds of nature, birds, branches and leafs - and me... I'm singing my way through the forest, it's my way of making sure that no animals get in our path. And if they don't hear me they will undoubtedly hear the three kids screaming "be quiet"...

I love to see my kids run around here and I follow them wherever they go. It only takes a few minutes before they go "off-road" - and luckily I can follow! Without thinking I just take my Urban Jungle and we are on a mission through the woods. We say it's to find mushrooms but it's not. We are just enjoying living a life without limits. We don't have to think of where we are going, we just walk.

As usual we don't find any mushrooms to have for dinner, but who cares? We had a great time and I thank my kids for their good mood and I thank Mountain Buggy for my Urban Jungle.