duet 2014-2016

duet buggy accessories have been custom-designed for your convenience and for the comfort of your baby. These accessories are compatible with duet buggies manufactured from 2014 to 2016.


    inflador con manómetro

  • mountain buggy aerotech wheel bundle for duet strollers

    set de ruedas aerotech para duet (pre-2017)

    incluye 4 ruedas anti-pinchazos
  • Mountain Buggy carrycot plus mesh cover set for duet

    set de protectores solares para capazo

    para carrycot plus de duet
  • mountain buggy Clip 31

    adaptador clip 31

    para Mountain Buggy, phil&teds,...
  • mountain buggy bottle holder which easily attaches to your buggy and allows you to drink on the move


  • mountain buggy Clip 28 - Duet to Protect

    clip 28

    Para Mountain Buggy, phil&teds +...
  • duet storm cover-CLEARPVC

    duet double storm cover

  • ¡NUEVO Y MEJORADO! Mountain Buggy carrycot plus for duet luxury stroller in herringbone colour showing riding modes

    capazo carrycot plus para duet

    capazo y asiento cara a los padres
  • almacenamiento extra mountain buggy joey tote bag for the duet. Your perfect storage solution.

    cesta de compra joey para duet

    convierte tu duet en individual
  • duet-family-pack-cyber-1200x1200

    family pack for duet 2.5 as a single

  • mountain buggy duet custom fit sun mesh cover with blackout cover included

    set de protectores solares individuales pa...

  • protect_v2_grey_quarter_1200x1200

    silla de auto protect

    protección, versatilidad y comod...
  • mountain buggy cup holder is a convenient cup holder which attaches to your buggy for a life without limits.

    portavasos para silla de paseo

  • Mountain-Buggy-duet-buggy-double-mesh-cover-set

    protección de malla doble para duet

  • duet_web_1200x1200_doublestormcovers

    cubierta de lluvia doble para duet


    vestidura hamaca para capazo de duet

    necesita la estructura del capaz...
  • Mountain-Buggy-duet-buggy-double-all-weather-cover-set

    set de protectores dobles para duet

    protección los 365 dias del año
  • sleeping-bag_ocean

    saco de dormir

    saco de dormir para cochecito
  • mountain buggy adaptable Duet Carrycot Plus storm cover

    burbuja de lluvia para capazo carrycot plu...

    compatible con duet
  • Mountain Buggy freerider stroller board in yellow has universal connector included

    patinete infantil freerider

    libre o conectado al cochecito
  • mountain buggy tool kit closed bag

    kit de mantenimiento

    para carritos y ruedas neumáticas
  • carrycot_stand_v2_default_3-4_1200x1200

    soporte para capazo mountain buggy

    convierte tu capazo en camita el...
  • cosmopolitan GEO with blanket_on_stroller

    manta Mountain Buggy

    Disponible en varios colores
  • duet_web_1200x1200_satchel_onbuggy

    bolso doble

    ideal para duet y nano duo
  • mountain buggy coloured reversible-liner_berry

    colchoneta reversible de colores

  • mountain buggy lambswool liner on buggy provides 100% natural woolen warmth, as well as extra comfort for your child.

    colchoneta de lana de oveja

  • Nursery bag hooks to attach to your stroller

    Clips para bolso

    engancha fácilmente tu bolso al...