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Mountain Buggy bagrider es la solución perfecta para familias que viajan y deben de arreglárselas para llevar un cochecito más el equipaje. El viaje transcurre sin esfuerzo ya que se transforma en una silla de viaje para niños hasta 15kg, conservando su capacidad de almacenamiento para tu equipaje.

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Sencillez - bagrider libera a las familias de la problemática que surje en los viajes y ofrece una solución sencilla para padres que viajan con niños cansados.

Adaptabilidad - bagrider ofrece una doble funcionalidad, el modo de silla de viaje mediante un simple giro de un dial e incluye un asiento forrado de fácil ajuste. La parte posterior del forro del asiento cuenta con un bolsillo de malla elástica para un almacenamiento de fácil acceso, perfecto para pasaportes o teléfono!

Maniobrabilidad - Con dos juegos de ruedas (4 en total), bagrider pueder ser maniobrado fácilmente dependiendo de su modo de uso. Utiliza las cuatro cuando lo utilices como asiento de viaje, y transfórmalo a dos ruedas para proseguir.

Seguridad para tu hijo - Junto con el forro del asiento acolchado, bagrider incluye un arnés de seguridad de 5 puntos con correas ajustables, por lo que tu pequeño estará protegido y seguro.

Seguridad probada a 15kgs/33lbs de peso, el bagrider está hecho según los valores de resistencia de Mountain Buggy!

Tech specs

  • rango de edad: 9 meses* - 3 años (*cuando el niño puede sentarse sin ayuda)
  • peso del producto: 5kg/11lb 
  • peso máximo de carga: 15kg/33lb (un niño encima del bagrider)
  • dimensiones: 520 mm (Al) x 380 mm (An) x 260 mm (Pr)
  • volumen de la maleta - 35l


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I have a 2 years old girl. I have travelled with her Italy-Iceland every other month since she was 5 months old. After she started to walk and became havier it became impossible for me to travel...she did not want to walk, was too havy to carry on my shoulders (l did that until she became 10 kg) and travelling long distances within airport terminals was a nightmare. With this bag I am can travel light and relaxed. She loves it, it is easy to push and she finds it fun and so comfortable that she even goes to sleep on it! Great great deal!!



Best purchase, could not have traveled alone with a baby without it. I probably got over 50 comments on how fantastic it is and how people had never seen it, you need to seriously hit the international Market people people thought it was incredible :)

Great toddler mover


We have made 3 trips using the bagrider now - Christchurch - Rarotonga rtn and Chch - London rtn twice.
Pros: our little girl loves it. She becomes a wee celebrity and loves smiling and waving at everyone.
It's comfy for her and a smooth ride within the airport.
Quick to assemble
I agree with all the other reviews that it's very useful to have when travelling with a toddler

Cons: quite heavy for a carry on, so you risk going over the weight limit for airlines with a hand luggage weight limit.
Manoeuvrability and smoothness of ride outside the airport is not great - on anything rougher than indoor tiles (makes it more challenging to push to the bus / carpark - awkward if you're trying to push a trolley with one hand too!)

Suggested improvements
Ability to open a pocket at the front or some way to access the inside while the child is on it would be a bonus. Otherwise you have to take them off, collapse the whole thing to lie it down and then open it.
It is a clamshell design and needs to be laid flat to access the contents which is fine if you have the bulkhead row, but the height of it is just too wide for a normal plane aisle, so it doesn't open flat. Shave an inch or so off the height, MB, and it will fit sideways in the plane aisle to allow you to get into the content easier.

In summary, it's a great tool for travelling with a toddler but could do with some improvements to the carry on functionality.

Easy to use


I primarily bought this to use on an overseas trip which I haven't taken yet but I have used it for domestic flights and it's wonderful. It makes breezing through the airport and getting off and on the plane easy. I got lots of comments from envious parents. It is heavy so you can't pack a lot into it (2kg max additional luggage) which is why I've given 4 not 5 stars. You'll need to keep this in mind otherwise you may be forced to check it in.

Ride on bag


Like the idea but not so practical with two kids as you don't really have spare hands. My toddler was on it and it's hard to navigate as the handle isn't very strong. There's only one side of the bag to fill really also. Maybe good when it's just one wee one not two.

Bad Quality


I purchased this for our recent 12 day trip. We used it within the airport only. As soon as we got home, we noticed that the front shell had a crack in it. We had it for barely 30 days and it didn't hold up. We have a very petite 20 months old. I paid 170$ with shipping for this item and to be honest, we are very disappointed in the quality of the item. This is my firs purchase from Mountain Buggy and will definitely be my last. I emailed them 1 week ago addressing my concern and I have yet to hear back. There is no phone number on the website to speak with anyone. The bagrider is not useful anymore now that it's cracked. It probably can't hold up another trip. Bad product, bad customer service.



Love this! It is a little hard to drive until you get used to it :)

Amazing gadget!


I bought it a month ago, and already used it for our trip, our son likes it very much, and it makes our life much easier.

A great concept


With two young children anything that helps minimise travel luggage gets my vote. Although it’s new, it seems relatively robust. My daughter’s pretty happy sitting on it as we whizz around and eliminating another travel pram is great.

Perfect bagrider


This bagrider is more than I expected. It is lighter, stronger and more efficient. I can't wait to try it. I am sure my baby will love it.

Brilliant invention


You already have to haul your carry-on along, might as well take your little one for a ride in style. Only critique is that if the castors could be softer, rides a bit rough if you’re not on smooth floors. Great internal compartments and lightweight. Nice build quality. Love it!

Absolutely genius!


Bought the bag rider in anticipation for a very long flight from Geneva to Brazil, with many layovers. We dispatched the stroller and it was a great alyernative for our 20 months old. He loved it! We also were stopped by passengers who noted the name, and drew lots of smiles running from one terminal to the other. Absolutely genius, absolutely worth it!

Travel Ease


I was travelling London to Sydney with a stop in Kuala Lumpar and the last thing I wanted was to lug a buggy around or even worse not have one for the airport. This little gem was brilliant! I did the return trip by myself with 2 x kids. Being able to have my carry on luggage which doubled up for transporting a nearly 3 year old was such a relief. I received many comments on what a nifty design it is throughout our travel. There is plenty of storage in the bag and once you’ve figured how to open and close, it’s very easy to use.
Steering was easy enough with just a slight ‘off centre’ but it would not deter me from recommending this fab product. Worth the investment.

Excellent product


This makes traveling with a one year old so much easier. No extra bulky stroller, works wonderfully. Highly recommend, esp for this price!

Perfect little ride


We received our bagrider right before our trip and it came in handy! Besides being such a perfect ride for our little one, it ended up turning quite a few heads! I heard a lot of whispered "what a brilliant idea" comments from everyone we passed...and I agree!

Buyer beware


Poor craftsmanship. On its first use the logo sticker falls off and then handle itself didn't stay up unless I held it otherwise down it goes. Very disappointed.

Best bag ever!!


This bag was seriously the best bag I’ve ever used. My little girl loved it and it made travelling super duper easy.

So Handy!


So glad we brought this! Makes travelling with a little one so easy.

Need Tracking Number


I've ordered this bag rider and I never received tracking number.
I've contact their customer care slow response.
I just can't wait for this bag rider to arrived.

Great gift


My daughter in law that lives overseas in Ireland was trilled with her bag for Christmas. She and my son have a 1 year old and make frequent trips to mid-central USA. Hopefully this eliminates carrying on a separate stroller. Plus I had no problem ordering on a U.K. Site and paying with a USA credit card which isn't always the case on other U.K. Sites

No words ... so perfect


Right at the first try I travelled alone with my 7 months baby. So easy - less carrying

Fabulous invention.


Arrived faster than I expected ( and we live in an isolated area so usually things take much longer to reach us). It’s a really great product. Maybe slightly larger wheels that flip sideways when it’s collapsed would be possible?

Convenient for travel, improvements needed


We bought this for travel and it’s great. However there are a number of things Mountain Buggy should improve. Firstly the quality of the suitcase could be improved. The zipper pulls are cheap and the folding mechanism for the stroller component is not easy to operate and feels very flimsy. Also, the inside of the suitcase is limited due to the stroller component taking up so much room. There is only ONE handle on this suitcase making it difficult to lift...
My daughter loves to ride it though and it saves me from having to take along a stroller in the airport. Awesome!
Overall this is better than a stroller but worse than a suitcase.
If the stroller wheels keep acting up I may have to buy a strap to keep it closed....the wheels keep flying out because the mechanism is cheap and not designed well. Improvements are needed forsure.

LIFE saver!!


I bought this just before taking my 1 year old from Aus to Ireland. It was a lifesaver going through the airports. We had free hands and she was happy watching things as she was pushed around the airport. Lightweight and easy to assemble! Love it!

Fantastic Buggy


This buggy worked really well with my 1 year old, so easy to set up and strap the baby in, he loves it. Very secure and balanced, we had no trouble getting through airport security and it left me hands free for ticketing and shopping.

Super handy for travel with our 14 month old!


Very excited by this innovative product - we used it for travel for the first time last week with our 14 month old & it'll be a staple from here on every trip. Couldn't be happier with its functionality - lightweight, but sturdy; perfect for families who travel!



I just bought it but haven’t used it yet and it’s the good one that I think.

very smart product!


I love it! My son loves to ride on. It is a bit hard to steer but it won't be any issues in the air port. Now I can carry my two years old son to the gate without it being hectic.

So cool and handy


We will use this for every trip!! So awesome and great quality!



I bought this bag when it first came out. Just getting round to writing something now.
It's a fantastic bag. We were a family of 3 when we bought this we are frequent travellers. This is a fantastic bag, to take around the airport and on to the aircraft. It fits well into the overhead plane lockers. My little boy at the time loved i, as he could sit very comfortably and just look at the world passing by. It's very easy to push. Now we are a family of four I shall be using it again. The only problem is my my boy will want another ago on it as well ;))

So sturdy, incredible features. The best thing I


I brought this knowing it would be a great product due to the brand but I never would have thought it would have been as great as it is! The Bagrider is simply the best invention ever. So easy to set up and it's so steady and sturdy. It looks like it could tip but it doesn't. I would buy this product over and over again

Better than a cute puppy!


Imagine . . . leisurely walking through airport terminals with a toddler riding on his suitcase. We weren't seeking attention, but we certainly attracted more attention from everyone, including flight personnel, than if we were walking a cute, cuddly puppy. We were stopped frequently by parents, grandparents, even a young women who hoped to be a mom someday and asked if they could take a photo of our toddler and the Mountain Buggy label so they could purchase a Bagrider for their next toddler trip. I'm sure the best selling feature was how comfortable and confident our little guy was as we embarked on our trip that came to be known as, "The adventures of the boy who rode his suitcase." 4 stars for easy of assembly, saving our backs, fun, comfort, and safety. A sturdier handle and slightly larger wheels might be small improvements for the next model.

Awesome design and features


The bagrider is amazing! I purchased it in anticipation for our first overseas holiday with our 11 month old. I was astounded by the design and functionality of it and cannot wait until we head off.



Great buy well worth the money recommend to anyone.

Great Product


What a cool idea. There was not one person who didn't look at the suitcase with or baby on it. From employees to passengers, everyone was pointing at it and asking questions. We advertised so much I think we should get some money for it ;)

BEST baby gadget EVER!!!


BEST baby gadget ever!! Such a clever design, and so practical and functional! People were stopping me at the airport to take pictures and asking where did I get such a clever product! Well done Mountain Buggy!

Loved It


I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your bagrider ! I used it with my 9 mths old daughter on a trip from the uk to Tenerife , I was stopped countless times by people that were amazed with it !! Not sure it's seen much in Europe!!!

But highly recommended

Clever product


I flew Emirates from Sydney to Prague with a 2yr old and a 5yr old and this bagrider saved me from many meltdowns on the way! I wheeled my younger one on it everywhere at the airports and all the way to our seats on the plane with not much difficulty. The only place where I had to lift it up was the one step on the plane and it is a bit flimsy on uneven surface but over all it helped me a lot and I think it's an amazing product and so do a lot of other people who commented on it along the way



The suitcase is beautiful and efficient. However, it is smaller than normal because a significant space of the suitcase stores the cart structure. The structure of the cart seems fragile. Although, it's a great idea..

Mountain Buggy


Bought this for a trip from NZ to USA. Was a life saver (and a head turner) as I had one stopover before my final destination. Was great not needing to lug a stroller halfway across the world nor worry about it as a carry on. Fantastic idea! Only issue I had was with wheels as I had problems if, when not being used as a seat for my Miss Two, slightly heavy then the wheels would struggle a bit. The four wheels would also want to move in four different directions making quick movement tricky at times.

Felt like a star!


Got to know about ur amazing products when we ate at wagamama. I love the highchair but i ended up buying the bagrider as we often travel and had difficulty with the pram in tow plus the our suitcase! So this solved our problem!

Show stopper


Best invention yet!! Not only did Our 11month old LOVED this and spent hours on it (while our flight was delayed) but we had so many comments and people wanting photos. So easy to set up, stable and safe. We had lunch at the airport and just pushed our baby girl on the bag rider up to table and she could eat away and enjoy the sites.
Seriously a MUST have if you enjoy travelling.

Awesome Carry-On!


I bought this two weeks ago after seeing someone use this at the airport. Although I haven't had the chance to use it (still waiting for our next vacation); we tried it around the house and our baby loves it! It's the perfect solution to a stroller and a baby carrier for the airport. It's a great size to store all your baby essentials (or the parent's essentials). Baby and I are looking forward to using this in the near future. Also, even after the baby grows out of it - you can use it for yourself. Very sturdy and good quality carry-on!

Huge disappointment


I bought this for my daughter for a holiday in Spain with her 3 year old and 9 month boys.
It looked ideal when we unpacked it but my husband had misgivings about the size and whether it would qualify as cabin baggage on our Ryan air flight
Sure enough it was 5mm too deep and we had to leave it at home unused
The long Ryan air walk at Dublin airport was longer than we had planned. We will be returning it with huge disappointment .

Love it but I'm scared it is too big for carry on


I bought this for an upcoming trip with my family. I was so excited thinking this will make navigating airports a breeze with a 10 month old. After receiving it I have checked the dimensions for our flight operator and it seems this does not fit the carry on standard. I really want to use it but I'm worried they might not let us carry it on which would defeat the whole purpose. :(

A must for traveling with toddlers


I purchased the bagrider for a recent trip overseas with my 16 month-old son. It made the airport check in and customs process much easier as I didn't have to worry about wrangling an energetic toddler. He was super comfortable being wheeled around on it, and he was content 'oohing' and 'ahhhing' at the sights and sounds at the airport.
Many people at the airport, and the crew on both flights, commented on the bagrider's ingenuity. I highly recommend this product to parents who want to reduce their stress levels (as much as one can!) when taking their young children on a domestic or international flight.

Amazing invention!


We recently used this to travel to NZ with our 2.5 year old and 6 month old! Both kids used it and it was amazing! So many stares and questions from strangers who wanted to know where to get one! Now to save up so we can buy the Nano and Juno - WE NEED THESE PRODUCTS! We LOVE Mountain Buggy products! Keep doing what you're doing!!!!!

Super Baby Presents


I heard from my friends daughter how amazing these were and as I have 11 grandchildren under the age of 7,I thought how good these would be for our big Irish family especially as we all do a lot of traveling ,
Also as Baby gifts and I am delighted with the response I've had from young parents who received the wheelie as a gift.
Still waiting for the clip on seat which I ordered but I'm sure it's on the way.
Please keep me posted and thank you again, wonderful pressie,

Incredible - must get


Cannot recommend this higher, we have so many MB products and they are all brilliant, feel like we are famous using it, so many comments from onlookers and SO SO handy to restrain the child and give you free hands. If you were thinking of getting it then simply GET IT!!!! Bonus is it is a suitcase if you dont have your child so serves twice as good.

Lovely roller action and very sturdy


I have brought this for my son and daughter in law to use with their 2 year old daughter and she just loves to ride on the case

Life saver!


I brought this to take on a trip to Canada with my 10 month old. I was going solo and a bit freaking out at how I was going to manage. I strongly recommend this product - it was a life saver on my trip.

Best travel item EVER


I am not a review writer; this is my first ever...
...But this amazing product compels me to write!
This was my purchase of the decade! My cranky toddler (with a younger brother being pushed in stroller) was so happy to be sitting back after a long haul flight - and enjoyed being the source of much marvel at this lifesaving rider. You wont regret this purchase, trust me!

Amazing! The best travel product for kids


We bought two bagriders for our recent long hall trip. To say they were amazing was an understatement. We must have been stopped over 30 times throughout the 3 airports we travelled through by people asking where we had gotten this amazing product. Our 9 month old and our 2 1/2 year old both loved sitting on them and they were brilliant for travelling from terminal to terminal and through the airport. Couldn't recommend them any more. Loads of space in the actual suitcase as well.

Love it


Our 9 month old is super secure, even fell asleep in it. The bag is also nice quality. So handy to have the pocket on the back for passport. When we stopped for a coffee the "chair" slides right up to the table and we fed LO still in the harness. Rolled him right to our seat on the plane. We will never travel with strollers and baby carriers again! Just be warned: the dimensions are slightly larger than the hand luggage restrictions of basically EVERY airline. We travelled with emirates so nobody was concerned. But with a cheaper airline they may get pedantic about it, which would be a major downer. If they could make it just a few cm slimmer it would fit everybody airline, so I'm hoping this happens in future. Last thing: remember to dress up when you take this about, people will stare and start conversations with you! We even had one person photograph us, talk about celebrity

Baby fell asleep on bagrider!


Was very happy with the Bag Rider. Easy to use and baby (15 months old) was very happy to sit and watch the world roll by, she even fell asleep while walking around airport. Make sure you read up on how to close 'bagrider' mode before use. Very happy.



I bought the bagrider as I travel alone with my 11mth old baby & it is absolutely brilliant!!! It is just what I needed & nice & compact. Makes tavelling alone so much easier. I had so many people approach me to enquire about it, it is amazing!!!

Absolutely love it


Used once so far an was a dream! Glad i brought one truley recommend this product

Where has this been all my life????


This was absolutely the answer to every travel problem I've ever had! On our most recent trip I traveled solo with my three year old and six month old. Not only were we the talk of the airport, but I was completely stress free as I always knew where my toddler was and didn't have to have to sacrifice a carry-on bag. No gate check, no tired toddler at the end of the trip not wanting to walk. In short the best travel product on the market! I'm sure this will get tons of use for years and years to come and I will recommend it to every person I know!

Creates a stir


We have now travelled 26 Destinations with the Mountain Buggy Rider. Our son Riley (six months) loves it, and why not?
The attention he gets keeps him very occupied. we often have a crowd of people tickling his toes and taking pictures in terminals. I was a little funny about the pictures at first but now we embrace the new terminal fame.

I often look like the all together mum strolling through security with my boarding pass handy in the Riders back pocket and a giggling baby.
The Bagrider fits perfectly down the aisle of the aircraft, thats the 777,767,747 and 737 note as long as he keeps his arms in..

Another plus, Riley weighs 11kgs so the baby Bjorn isn't an option, as I often have travelled alone with Riley, the pain in carrying him is very hard. The bag rider frees my hands, and gives my back a break. I know he is safely strapped in and won't roll while I go through check in, security and baggage drop.

The bag is study, easy to assemble and swift to push along.

Thank you for this incredible creation we love it.


Bagrider saved the day !


Having taken bagrider on the aircraft we disembarked with no delays unlike several other mums and dads waiting for the pram. Having travelled many times before most of the time you don't even get your pram at the aircraft door when you land. My 2.5 year old sat on bagrider and was very happy , I easily pushed her through the long walk and train ride at Heathrow terminal 5 (gate C) while having the new born on the sling. Great invention.

Good idea, poor execution


I bought this product when it was first released as we travel a lot with our two little ones.

It looks fantastic, however in reality it doesn't really work. The legs keep folding back in and the handle is very flimsy and doesn't stay up in the highest position. The specifications are also too big for our local airlines to take on as carry on baggage.

Maybe version two will be more up to scratch.

wonderful invention!


Takes all the stress out of travelling with a toddler. We travelled with a 2yr old and he kept asking to have a ride using this bag rider. Brilliant product.

Great concept - but bad quality


I bought this excited but was badly disappointed - I returned it .
the quality of the handle is flimsy like what you get with a cheap piece of hand luggage. with the weight of a child up to 15 Kg leaning against that handle I doubt it will last. The locking mechanism at the back of the bag was stiff and the handle kept dropping down into the case each time I tried to push it forward. The seat cushion harness for the child legs - I could not figure out how to secure it to the seat cushion, there was no instructions and most importantly of all the depth of the case is to wide for all budget airlines (at over 25cm) I checked even for some non budget airlines, So I would have only been able to use it on very limited flights - so not worth having even with the bad quality , I'm so disappointed as I was so excited by the design concept . Maybe the next version will be better, to late for me though

Works wonderful


As soon as we received the bagrider, we used it on a trip with our grandson. It was faster and made it to the gate on time. Thank you Mountain Buggy



I ordered this 14th Dec 2016 for 24th Dec travel it came in following week only took 3 business days considering christmas rush and customer service consultants were amazing and patient with my many enquiries.

One of the best purchases ive ever made. Had alot of amazed onlookerd at the airports commenting at its convenience and considering first time theyv seen something amazing like this. I love love love it. As a mum with a toddler and 3.5 yo travelling can get really difficult. Especially after we check in our pram my husband and i are left to juggle 2 large carry ons, our naughty 3yo and sooky toddler. With this suitcase we strap one in, use bagrider as 3yo carry on and leaves us adults with one each.

I can fit my kids sparr clothes, nappies, wipes, small blankets each, and an small activity bag with ipad, plane activities and their snacks for flight. When toddler wanted to walk we easily stacked our carryon on the bagrider. Easy to use, safe, convenient (push toddler from check in all way onto the plane) etc. Its wheels allows you to maneuver it anywhere even spinning on the spot. Had our passports in the back pocket for convenience or bottle for toddler. My 3yo even had a go riding.

People are asking me where to buy this because it sells itself. Its new to everyone. Parents will love this as gifts if they are regular travellers like my family.

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